Motion Detector Hidden Camera Hard Wired HD 1080p
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Motion Detector Hidden Camera Hard Wired HD 1080p

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CVI, TVI, AHD or 960H Video Format

The high definition SSC-103CHD motion detection hidden camera on this page is cross compatible with all 4 main video formats. There is a button on the camera cable that you can easily change the video format to accommodate your particular DVR. This is a NON-FUNCTIONING motion detector. 

Motion Detector Has HD Video Camera Inside

This normal looking motion detector has a 2.8mm extra wide view 2 megapixel HD 1080p camera inside of it. It uses normal coax cabling to connect to your High Definition DVR. The motion detector is non functional as far as part of your alarm system.  It comes with a mounting bracket for easy installation to your wall or ceiling.  Coming out of the motion detector is a small wire with a power and video jack.

Power Video Cable or CAT5

There will be a power video wire coming off the pinhole camera inside the motion detector that will  go into your wall or ceiling and then it must run to your DVR.

The camera wire will be the standard power end and BNC fitting for video. We include a 25 foot power video cable as well as a 1 amp power supply. We supply everything you need to connect to your existing DVR.

A person can also use CAT5 instead of our conventional power video cable. The CAT5 will be able to accommodate power and video by using video baluns. When using CAT5 cable you will only have to drill a 1/4 inch in your wall, ceiling or ceiling tile to install this hard wired hidden camera. With CAT5 you will be able to run wires up to 200 feet.

Viewing And Recording Take Place Using a High Definition DVR

The technology in this high definition camera allows the user to select between CVI, TVI, AHD or analog.  This is what allows it to send uncompressed full HD video over regular video cable.  Because it is a special high definition interface it must be used with a high definition DVR.  

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