700 Line Color Day Night Flat Lens Pinhole Camera
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700 Line Color Day Night Flat Lens Pinhole Camera

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700 Lines Super High Resolution Flat Lens Color Pinhole Board Camera

The SSC-106HCFIR is ultra small and easy to connect. This dual mode color camera now has 700 lines resolution for an extremely sharp crisp color image. The flat lens pinhole board camera With plug & play connector ends has a .01 lux rating in color and a .0001 lux rating in B&W, 700 lines resolution and a 3.6mm lens. Ideal for body wear, drop ceiling, behind drywall, or build your own hidden camera. This board camera also operates with any of our battery packs. Easily transforms into a wireless covert body camera with our wireless option available below. 12 volt DC adapter NOT included. Click below if you need a 1 amp power adapter.



Incredible Picture Whether Light or Dark

This camera has a .01 lux rating for day and a .0001 lux rating for night.  The lower the lux rating, the better the low light viewing.  A .0001 lux rating is an extremely low lux rating.  This camera can easily be placed in a low light environment and see very well.

850/940/950 IR Compatible

Camera is fully sensitive to 850nm, 940nm and 950nm  infrared light. We also offer compatible LED illuminators.

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