Exit Sign Hidden Camera HD 1080p
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Exit Sign Hidden Camera HD 1080p

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HD Exit Sign Hidden Camera, 2 Sided, Full Functioning, HD Hard Wired Model 

The camera is completely undetectable! The hardwired HD exit sign hidden camera provides a direct output connector for video to any HD DVR. This camera has an amazing 1080p HD picture. Very easy to install, just plug and play. Ideal for monitoring hallways, doorways, exits, entrances, etc.

The camera is 2 sided for the red EXIT words. There is only 1 camera installed. The exit sign can be top mounted or right side mounted. Otherwise it can also be wall mounted for single camera sided model.

The exit sign is still full functioning. We have added a camera and cable without hampering the functionality of the exit sign at all. The exit sign is powered by normal 110-120 volts AC and still has the factory battery back-up. The camera operates on 12 VDC. Use a CCTV power video cable or CAT5 for extra longs lengths to get to your HD DVR.

Power Video Cable or CAT5

There will be a power video wire coming off the pinhole camera inside the exit sign that will  go into your wall or ceiling and then it must run to your DVR. A person can also use CAT5 instead of our conventional power video cable. The CAT5 will be able to accommodate power and video by using video baluns. When using CAT5 cable you will only have to drill a 1/4 inch in your wall, ceiling or ceiling tile to install this hard wired hidden camera.

Viewing And Recording Take Place Using a High Definition DVR

The technology in this high definition camera allows the user to select between CVI, TVI, AHD or analog.  This is what allows it to send uncompressed full HD video over regular video cable.  Because it is a special high definition interface it must be used with a high definition DVR.  You use traditional coax cable to run the camera to the DVR. The DVR has an HDMI and  a VGA output for connection to your HDTV or monitor. Both video outputs can be used at the same time in order to enjoy mulitiple monitors in different locations. We have a 4, 8 and 16 channel standalone to choose from.

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