RG59 Video/Audio Cable
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RG59 Video/Audio Cable

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RG59 Video Cable

This is what the professionals use to install cameras when there is already power near the camera. Weatherproof, UV resistant, RG59 Video cable.  This cable does not have power wire.

Better for Longer Cable Runs

You will need a crimping tool when using the BNC crimp on connectors. You will not need any special tools when using the twist-on connectors. Professional installers prefer crimp-on video connectors because they are quicker to attach. On the other hand, we prefer twist-on connectors because they allow for a better, cleaner connection. No special tools, just prepare cable as pictured below and screw on the one-piece connector with a small adjustable wrench.

Drill Smaller Holes

RG59 video cable is a larger gauge video than standard pre-made cables. This also provides for a cleaner install because you can drill smaller holes since you attach the connectors after cable is in place.

Just the Right Length

You can easily cut this cable to the desired length, use a twist-on or crimp-on BNC connector, and connect the end to your camera.

Make Sure to Purchase Fittings for your Cable

You can use male RCA compression or BNC compression fittings from our misc. category

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