RG59 18-2 power Siamese Cable Rolls
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RG59 18-2 power Siamese Cable Rolls

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RG59 18/2 Siamese Cable

This is what the professionals use when installing cameras. RG59 for video and 18/2 for power. Weatherproof, UV-resistant Siamese Coax. 18-gauge copper is as good as it gets for running power, and RG59 for video is the standard on CCTV cable.

CCTV security camera video signal is usually transmitted using Siamese Cable, which is a combination of RG59 for video and a pair of 18-gauge cables, in one jacket, for power. This design makes it so that you only need to run one cable for each camera. CCTV Siamese cable is good for runs under 1000 feet. We recommend using voltage adapters for Siamese runs over 500 ft.

Higher Quality Cable for Optimum Picture Quality

Our pre-manufactured CA-25, CA-50, CA-75, CA-100, and CA-150 will still work well with many of our cameras. But if you are using a high-amperage, infrared, LED camera and are attempting to hard-wire it for a 100+ foot run, then please consider using Siamese Coax for optimum picture quality.

When pre-manufactured cable runs over 100 ft., it often experiences power and video loss. These cables are 20-gauge power and video. Depending on the camera you are using will dictate whether it is a noticeable drop. A basic board camera or bullet camera only requires about 120ma of power and will work just fine even with our CA-150 cable.

Drill Smaller Holes

Siamese Coax is a larger gauge power and video than standard pre-made cables. This also provides for a cleaner install because you can drill smaller holes because you attach the connectors after the cable is in place. 

To attach the power side of the cable, you simply cut the included power supply wire, strip about 3/4" of the end, and wirenut to each side of cable. This will give you the correct plug to plug directly into the camera. The power supply is then wire-nutted to the other side of power cable inside your home.

Just the Right Length

Achieving custom lengths is much easier with Siamese Coax than it is with our normal cable. You can easily cut this cable to the desired length, use a twist-on or crimp-on BNC connector, and connect the end to your camera. You can also then wire the camera to it for video as well as for power.

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