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Your Source For Home And Business Security Cameras

Our selection of cameras and recorders allow you to easily secure your home or business. You can expect high quality recordings (even HD high definition) and all of the features you want and expect, like internet viewing and mobile phone viewing. Please visit our line of High Definition DVRs and Cameras.

While surveillance cameras are what we are known for, that is just the beginning of what we carry. We have a wide selection of self contained dvr hidden cameras, GPS trackers, Pan Tilt Zoom cameras, infrared illuminators, and all the accessories you may need.

We provide high quality home security cameras and recorders at highly competitive prices. Browse through our site by clicking the links on the left side of every page or give us a call toll free. One of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

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What's New

Each camera product we offer is available in several versions. The CCTV industry and technoligy keep moving forward at an ever increasing speed. Cameras come in hard-wired, wireless, IP, wireless IP and HD to mention a few. Many of these may be hidden inside a normal everyday object that could be purchased at Wal-Mart or Target or a different department store.

We Carry All Types of Cameras

The least expensive camera is hard-wired. This is when a camera is connected to a power video cable and the cable is connected to a DVR or TV. The power video cable can be as short as 1 foot or as long as 400 feet.

Wireless is next. This is when a transmitter is connected to a camera and the signal travels wirelessly through a home, office or field. The signal is picked up by a receiver which is connected to a TV or DVR. The trasmitter camera combo do need power, as well as the receiver. A wireless security camera is highly versatile and can be placed anywhere, giving you full control, customization, and a host of options when it comes to monitoring the surveillance footage - whether you're at home or work. You also have full capability to stream the signal of your wireless security cameras to a TV, VCR, or DVR.

IP cameras have been around now for a number of years. IP or Internet Protocol cameras are much higher resolution than an analog camera. They are normally measured in megapixels rather than just pixels. This type of system has the camera connected to a router with ethernet cable. It can only be viewed digitally. This means you must use a DVR, computer or smart phone to view your cameras. A TV is not really an option anymore.

A wireless IP camera will have the transmitter built into the camera and there will be a small antenna. The receiver will actually be your wireless router. You will need to have administrative rights to access the router. You cannot just plug one in where there is "wifi" and expect to get a picture. Once you have everything connected and programmed you will access the cameras with a password and login.

Last but not least in our line-up of surveillance cameras is the HD models. These have only been around for a couple of years.They can record at 720P and 1080P. The high definition cameras must use there own DVR. You cannot add an HD camera to an existing analog system you may already have. The DVR must be a high definition DVR. At this time a 2 megapixel IP camera is about 6 times the quality of an analog camera. They do cost quite a bit more but you would actually require less camera for the same amount of surveillance area.

Analog cameras are still by far the most sold products, primarily because of price. More people around the globe have analog cameras and analog systems. They would have to start from scratch to upgrade to IP or HD. Also there are still continueing improvements with analog cameras. Many many years ago 320 lines of resolution was considered good. Today we are up to 700 lines. For the most part analog cameras are very small and they can be located in more areas than larger HD or IP cameras.

Secure Your Home or Business

Residential security cameras can be placed in a visible location to deter thieves, or hidden to enable you to identify criminals in the event of a break-in. Hiding a security camera is also an effective way to keep an eye on your nanny, a maintenance worker, or whoever may be in your home while you're away.

House security cameras and business surveillance systems are one of our specialties, but we do carry several other products that are designed with your safety in mind. One popular option for business owners is a digital phone recorder. Phone recorders are used to transcribe conversations, document sales and orders, or simply offer quality assurance on phone-based services. Most services require an analog phone line for optimal performance, but we do offer digital phone recorders for cell phones that utilize Bluetooth technology. A voice activated phone recorder preserves battery and prevents wasted tape.

Advance knows how devastating a break-in or breach of security can be. Our clients include homeowners and small businesses looking for peace of mind, but our services extent to law enforcement and a number of government agencies in need of our most advanced technology, including the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Anyone can benefit from increased security for their home or workplace, and Advance Security's experienced team of professionals will work with you to provide a customized surveillance system that meets all of your needs. Every one of our products is backed by a 12-month guarantee. Plus, if you're a U.S. customer, you can receive support 24/7 through our toll-free hotline.

Advance Security is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. You can find our BBB Listing here. We are listed on the BBB under our legal name, Marbil Enterprises, Inc.

Whether you're looking for residential security cameras, digital phone recorders, or business surveillance systems, Advance Security has the high-quality equipment you need.

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