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Wireless Hidden Camera Built Into Functioning Wall Clock

This completely fully functioning wall clock offers a high quality color video picture. Just plug the wall clock into an outlet and the receiver into a computer. That is all there is to do. The wall clock must plug into the wall for the transmitter and camera to operate. The included wireless receiver can connect to your computer via USB. There is nothing else to buy.

Just Plug It In and Connect Your Receiver To Your Computer

The included receiver connects to your computer's USB port to view the video.  The included computer software allows your computer to view, record, motion detection record, or playback recorded video footage. Installs in less than 5 minutes. You can also view your camera remotely over the internet from anywhere else in the world when you connect your receiver to your computer. Compatible with Windows, XP, XP-PRO, Vista and Windows 7.

Digital Wireless Video

The Wireless Wall Clock Camera has a range of up to 1000 feet line of sight. The digital transmission means better video quality with virtually no interference. Now wireless routers and telephones will not interfere anymore.

Encrypted Wireless Video, Complete Privacy

The wireless video signal is sent encrypted to your computer.  It is virtually impossible for prying eyes or unauthorized users to tap into your video.  It is the safest and most secure type of wireless video that we offer.

View Video On Your Laptop

The included receiver connects via USB to your Windows based computer (laptop or desktop).  View video live, record, motion detection record, view over the internet, or take snapshots using the included software. This receiver will only connect to a "Windows" based computer.

Motion Detection Recording

The included software allows your Windows based computer to record the video from your camera.  Better yet, it also allows you to record on motion detection.  You don't need a DVR or DVR card to record on motion detection with this camera - everything you need to record on motion detection is in the box (except for your computer).

View Your Video Over the Internet From Anywhere Else In The World

The included computer software allows you to easily view your camera over the internet from anywhere else in the world.  Simply type in your computer's IP address.  There is nothing else to buy - this clock allows you to view this camera from any other computer on the internet - anywhere in the world.

View Live On Your Cellphone

Once it is setup to view over the internet, you can also view it on most web enabled cellphones.  Imagine the peace of mind of being able to view your camera using the cellphone you have with you wherever you go.

Features and Specifications

  • Color video
  • .5 lux
  • 1/3" CCD Image Sensor
  • Connects to Windows Computer USB port
  • Included software allows viewing, recording, and motion detection recording on your computer
  • Motion detection recording
  • Remote internet view

Package Includes

  • Wireless Wall Clock Hidden Camera
  • Receiver To Connect To Computer
  • Software CD
  • User manual

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