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Fan Camera Complete with Quad Monitor Receiver DVR

This is the most complete wireless hidden camera system that we offer.  The fully functioning oscillating fan has a color wireless hidden camera built inside of it.  The signal is wirelessly transmitted to the included wireless receiver monitor DVR.  The monitor receives the wireless signal and lets you view and record.  Record on a schedule, continuously, or on motion detection to the included 8Gb SD card.  The monitor handles everything you need for viewing and playback.  The monitor DVR can also connect to your TV or computer using the included accessories. There is nothing else to buy.

Great Digital Color Picture

Fan transmits color picture wirelessly and digitally.  100% digital wireless transmission ensures that you get a strong and clear signal. Wireless interference is virtually eliminated because of the "pairing" technology used by our digital wireless products.  You can use up to 4 wireless cameras with 1 monitor because of the quad DVR feature built into the monitor.

View Live Video and Record Using the Included Monitor

The included monitor DVR allows you to view, record, and playback video from your hidden camera.  The color screen allows you to view live what the camera is seeing, record on a schedule, continuously, or motion detection, and playback any recorded footage.  All footage is recorded to an SD card that goes inside of the monitor. The monitor handles up to a 32Gb SD card. Monitor can work with up to 4 wireless hidden cameras.

Also Connects to your Computer or TV

Included monitor DVR also has an AV out jack and USB jack.  The AV out jack allows you to connect the monitor to your TV for larger screen viewing.  The USB jack allows you to connect your monitor to your computer for live viewing as well as internet streaming with nothing else to buy.  The included CD contains the needed software for live and internet viewing using your computer.  Video cable is included for TV viewing. This is a 100% complete package.

Features and Specifications

  • Fully functioning oscillating fan
  • Hidden camera transmits wirelessly
  • Included Monitor DVR does it all
    • View live
    • Record continuously, on a schedule, or on motion detection
    • Playback any recorded footage
    • Works with up to 4 cameras
  • Color
  • Recording resolution: 702x480
  • Records to SD card
  • All video timedate stamped for your security
  • View on the monitor, TV, or computer
  • Internet viewing by connecting monitor to your computer
  • Quad functionality - Use one monitor DVR with up to 4 cameras

Package Includes

Fully functioning oscillating fan wireless hidden camera
Monitor receiver DVR
8Gb SD card
Wireless remote control for monitor
AC power supply
AV cables
USB cable
AC power supply for monitor

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