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DVD Player Hidden Camera Connects To Your Wireless Network (WIFI)

This fully functioning DVD player hidden camera allows you to covertly view and record video from anywhere in your network. The DVD player has a hidden camera inside of it as well as a wifi transmitter. No need to worry about cabling or wireless interference. Our line of WIFI hidden cameras interfaces with your router for interference free viewing anywhere in your wireless network.

High Quality Color Picture with Low Light Viewing

Installed camera is very high quality color for crisp and sharp picture.  And not only does it have a great high quality color daytime view, it also will see great in the darkness and in low light environments using the low lux technology.

View on Any Windows Computer from Anywhere in the World

Once your software is installed and your camera is connected to your network, you'll be able to view your camera from any other Windows computer in the world with internet access. You'll be able to view, record, motion detection record, and playback using any computer.

Manual, Scheduled, or Motion Detection Recording

The included software allows you to record in any manner that you wish. You can click record in the software to record, schedule it to record at certain times, or use the advanced motion detection recording to have it automatically start and stop recording when motion is in front of it.

Smooth and Sharp Recording

Camera transmits 30fps at D1 704x480. This means your picture will be large, crisp, clear, and fluid when viewing live or recorded video. It will not be jerky or blurry.

Fully Functioning DVD Player

In addition to being a wifi hidden camera, remember that this is also a high quality fully functioning DVD player. You can play DVDs, upconvert, output in standard analog or HDMI, and connect to surround sound.

Quick and Easy Installation

To install the camera, first you must connect it to your network hard wired with a network cable. You must open the DVD player to expose the ultra covert network port and connect it to your router. Then, you connect to the camera and enter your wifi wireless network settings (SSID, password, etc).  After that is done, you put the cover back on and put the DVD player anywhere in your network. The device will hold the settings so you can unplug and replug it back in anywhere you have your wireless signal.

Features and Specs

  • Fully functioning DVD player - you can play DVDs
    • Upconvert standard DVDs to HD
    • RCA video output
    • HDMI video output
    • Surround sound connections
    • Slim low profile
  • Covert camera installed in DVD player
  • 30fps D1 704x480 streaming for high quality recording
  • Easily record on motion detection, on a schedule, or manually
  • Use included software to easily view on your Windows computer
  • Connects to any hard wired or wireless network. Please note: It must be connected hard-wired first before it can connect to your wireless network.
  • Fully portable - use it anywhere in your wireless network without having to run cable/wire
  • Extremely covert. No external indications of hidden camera or wifi transmitter

Package Includes

  • Wifi DVD Player Hidden Camera
  • All software for viewing and recording
  • Factory DVD player remote and paperwork
  • Camera installation instructions

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