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Swimming Pool, Aquarium, Pipe and Wall Inspection Underwater Color Camera Wide View

This SSC-107UWC submersible underwater color camera is offered with bright white lights for crystal clear color viewing underwater. Ideal for swimming pools and swimming lessons, viewing fish in large aquariums,  counting fish in streams, boat inspections, underwater structural inspections and many other applications. Inspect sewers, drain pipes, duct work, wall interiors. The list goes on and on. The white LED camera is equipped with a  3.6mm lens. It has a  Sony 1/3 CCD camera with 800 lines of resolution for rich color viewing.

Use the FOV tool at the bottom of this page to calculate the width of view at any given distance.

Mounting Screws for Flexibility

Camera has 2 mounting screws on each opposing side for a total of 4 mounting screws to be able to mount to your rigging system. Click on the images above to view the camera and get a better feel for it. The camera is not aligned with the screws in any way. Make sure to view the camera before in type of permanent installation. 

There is NO mounting hardware of any kind that comes with this underwater camera except for the screws. Do not hang the camera by the power video wire.

Submersible to 40 Feet

Camera has 50 feet of attached power video cable. The camera is submersible to approx. that length.

Adjustable Bright White LEDs No LED Lighting at all

We offer this camera with bright white LEDs that emit visible light from the front of the camera. The white led model is on a dimmer rheostat control. You will be able to adjust the light from no light whatsoever to very bright. For great viewing in the daytime or an already lighted area turn off the white leds. This model is highly recommended for swimming lessons, swimming pools and the like.

  Or you may purchase this camera with Infrared Leds which have an automatic sensor that will only allow them to turn on in the dark. The camera will change to black and white image in the dark. The 2 models with lights on are designed for close up viewing ideally under 10 feet distance when dark. Otherwise the camera will see much further with lights off and the use of other lighting.

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Product Specifications and Features

Resolution1/3 Inch Sony HDIS CCD. 800 Lines True Color Resolution. 850nm IR Compatible.
Image Sensor1/3" Sony 960H Color CCD
Cable50 ft. long waterproof power video cable attached
HousingStainless Steel
Waterproof RatingFully submersible
Mounting4 mounting screws. 2 on opposing sides
WeightCamera 2.3 pounds
WeightCamera and Cable 3.7 pounds
Depth Rating40 feet
Size2.25" Dia. X 4" Long
LEDS107UWC - 27 White LEDs adjustable from completely off to bright white
LEDs107UWCIR - 27 850nm IR LEDs with Sensor
Power Supply12VDC 1 amp (included)
Power Consumption400ma with LEDs on
Package IncludesUnderwater Submersible Camera, 50 foot attached underwater rated power video cable, 1 amp AC power supply, BNCPLR Coupling, FBNCRCA RCA Male to Female Adapter

Package Includes

Underwater Submersible Camera, 50 foot attached underwater rated power video cable, 1 amp AC power supply, BNCPLR Coupling, FBNCRCA RCA Male to Female Adapter

Peter from Pittsburgh, PA 2017-08-26 08:07:21

Top class company and staff. I was putting together an underwater camera for my swim team. I had one little bump in the road and the guys helped me out right a way. I was up and running with a solution and they shipped out a replacement wire right a way.

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