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Use Video Baluns or Video + Data PTZ Baluns (PTZ Cameras) Over Normal Ethernet

Run video wires up to 1500 ft using our video baluns. These video baluns convert normal CAT5 or CAT6 wire to a 75 OHM impedance for proper video transmission. Baluns connect to camera and VCR/TV/DVR. The PTZ baluns can also run data.

Use Cat 5 Cable for your Hard Wired Camera

If you are installing a hard wired hidden camera such as an exit sign or emergency light or even a standard CCTV camera such as an Infrared LED security camera you can use CAT5 to save you money or allow for a much cleaner install for long distances.

The video balun will only connect to the bnc video connector and the camera and the DVR. Since you have 4 pairs of wire you can actually use, you can run the power on another pair of wires and simply wire nut the ends to the camera wires and the power supply.

Because Cat 5 cable has 4 pairs of wire, you could use 4 video baluns on each end of it and run 4 video signals through one Cat 5 cable.  If you are using the PTZ baluns, they run one camera per CAT 5 cable.

Since there is still a voltage drop with DC current you can power your cameras locally for very long distances and just run the video wire back to the DVR. This will allow you to run video 100s of feet away from the DVR.

100% Passive - No Power Required for Baluns

Baluns are passive and require no power. Video baluns have 2 screw-down terminals to connect wire to, and a male BNC jack to connect to camera or DVR. The PTZ baluns have a CAT 5 jack on each end - not screw down terminals.

Note: Baluns are sold in pairs. Each unit ordered is 2 baluns.


  • Passive (No power required)
  • Accomplish longer runs using Cat 5, up to 1500 ft.
  • When running power through Cat 5 as well, the cable run distance will be reduced
  • Jack already on Balun. No Cat 5 wiring required
  • 1-Year Warranty
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CablingCat 5 (Not included)
Package Includes2 Baluns

Package Includes

2 Baluns

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very professional and orders always arrive on time

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very professional

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