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Solar Panel, 2 Batteries, Camera and DVR for Long Term Surveillance 

SSC-773S4 Solar panel and batteries will allow for 300+ hours of operation. Package comes complete with everything you need. Day night bullet camera, 100 foot cable, D1 H.264 DVR, and 22 amp battery with AC charger and solar panel charger. This outdoor DVR camera setup can run for 30 days or MORE unattended by using the solar power and battery backup.  The overall battery life without recharging depends on how much sunlight your solar panel actually gets.
You may also select the overwrite feature on the menu which will overwrite the oldest footage first when the SD card is full. All recordings are time-date stamped and stored to an SD card inside the small DVR box. (2-16Gb cards included).  The unit will accept up to a 32Gb SD card.

This DVR package is also equipped with a 100-foot power video extension cable. This allows you to have the surveillance camera up to 100 feet away from the DVR box and battery.

Extremely Versatile

Great for anywhere that power isn't always available.

  • Boat Security Camera
  • Mobile Home Security Camera
  • Camper Security Camera
  • Cabin Security Camera

Day Night Outdoor Bullet Camera Included

Included in this package is a high resolution, day-night, outdoor bullet camera with a variety of lenses.

Easy Operation

When the unit is powered up it will automatically go into the motion-activated record mode. Or you can program it with different preferences via the included remote control. Each hour block can be programmed for motion, continuous, or not recording at all. The remote control enables the user to Arm/Disarm the event recording process or record events manually. The unit will automatically arm again if the power is lost while armed. Recorded information is stored on an SD card.

Solar, Battery, or AC Operation - Great for Remote Surveillance

This is an ideal solution for recording outdoors or indoors when you don't have access to power. You can let the unit run 10 days without having to worry about it when you use the battery and the solar panel.  No more buying battery after battery. Our rechargeable batteries are good for hundreds of charges. Purchase extra batteries if you wish for quick, swappable action to minimize surveillance down time. A powerful digital trickle battery charger is included and a solar panel charger is included. 

You do not have to rely on batteries if your surveillance needs change. Everything can also operate on household voltage. You can easily remove the camera, DVR, and cable from the box and install it in your attic, garage, front yard, automobile, RV, or just about anywhere.

User Adjustable Frame rates and Recording Times

SD Card
Recording time at 30FPS
Recording time at 15FPS  Recording time at 10FPS  Recording time at 5FPS Recording time at 1FPS
32 Hours
 64 Hours
 96 Hours
 192 Hours
960 Hours
 16Gb 64 Hours
128 Hours
192 Hours
 384 Hours
1920 Hours
 32Gb 128 Hours
 256 Hours
 384 Hours
768 Hours
3840 Hours
Included DVR has user-adjustable frame rates. Frame rates mean FPS or frames per second.  The higher the frame rate, the smoother the video, the higher the quality of the video, and the faster the consumption of memory. A lower or slower frame rate means fewer FPS which equates to a longer recording time per Gb of storage.

This unit can also be set to overwrite.  The overwrite option allows the unit to record indefinitely for weeks or months on its own.  Overwriting will automatically record over the oldest footage to maintain a video record of your most recent video surveillance. When something happens, simply pull out the SD card and review your recorded footage.Note:
This package is totally complete and ready to record. The battery life advertised relates to using a non-infrared bullet camera. Battery life will be shorter if using an infrared camera. Also note this package is NOT waterproof or submersible--it is only weatherproof to repel rain and moisture.

H.264 D1 Resolution 704 X 480 Recorded Video

Excellent video quality. The recorded video taken with this camera is the best you will find in a hidden camera. All footage is time and date stamped so you know exactly when it took place. Use for crisp, clear, color video that is ready for lawyers, police, or simply your own internal evidence of events.  All video is timedate stamped.

3 Different Ways to Record

  • Motion Detection: Built-in motion detection recording allows you to easily record only when there is motion or activity taking place. 
  • Continuously: You may also set it to record continuously if desired by the hour or 24/7 round the clock.
  • Schedule Record: 4 independent schedules may be programmed

DVR Supports Pre-recording

This means that when programmed for motion-detection recording the DVR is smart enough to provide recording before the actual event begins.  This feature allows you never to miss the very beginning of the crime.

Playback Video on TV or Computer

This unit can connect to TV for playback via the video out jack or to a computer via the included USB card reader.  Recordings can easily be transferred to a computer where they can be emailed, uploaded to a website, uploaded to You Tube, or archived on your computer.  All hardware and software needed for TV and computer viewing are included.

No special software needed for video playback. Video plays back through standard media player software (such as Windows Media Player).

Record footage at Full D1. 704 X 480 resolution allows for crystal-clear, full-screen video on your TV or computer monitor.

User Adjustable Frame rates and Recording Times

Units have user-adjustable frame-rates. Higher frame-rates mean smoother video but shorter recording times per gb of storage.  Lower frame-rates mean less smooth video but longer recording times per gb of storage.

Unit can be set to overwrite.  When set to overwrite, it will record over the oldest footage first when the SD card is full. Overwrite allows the unit to run for weeks or months on its own.  When something happens, simply pull out the SD card and review your recorded footage.
Print / Download Product Spec Sheet

Product Specifications and Features

PowerBattery with Solar Charging
Package IncludesSSC-113WCDN600-36 Day Night Outdoor Bullet Camera
SSC-758HQ-N DVR module with remote control
Rugged Weatherproof case
USB card reader
2 ea. 16Gb SD cards
2 ea. SSC-22-12VRB Rechargeable batteries with 1 deep cycle battery charger AND solar panel for charger
Dual-power connector to connect both included batteries at once
1 ea. CA-100 power video cable
Misc. adapters
Full instruction manual
12 volt 20 watt solar panel

Camera Specs

Resolution750 lines
ColorDay-Night Color B/W Selectable
Image SensorSONY Color 960H 1/3" Super HAD II CCD
LensChoice of Lenses; 3.6, 6, 8, 12, 16mm
Infrared850nm IR compatible
Waterproof RatingIP67
Dimensions3-3/4" (L) x 7/8" (D)
Weight80 mg
Min Illumination0.0001 Low Lux rating @ F2.0
Shutter SpeedAdjustable Manual Shutter to X256
White BalanceAuto White Balance/Adjustable
OSDOn-Screen Display (OSD)
Power Supply12VDC 500ma (included)
Power Consumption110mA
Operating Temp-10C +or-- 45C
Warranty1 Year
Polarity ProtectionBuilt-in reverse polarity input protection
Surge ProtectionBuilt-in surge voltage input protection
Power ToleranceWide dynamic working power tolerance
WDR Wide Dynamic RangeYes

DVR Specs

SSC-758HQ-N DVRSpecs
Frame rate5FPS/15FPS/30FPS
Video CompressionMpeg-4
Video File FormatASF
Audio FormatPCM/16Kbz
StorageSD Card(2GB - 64GB)
Record ModePower On/Manual/Motion detection/Schedule
Working VoltageDC5 Volts to DC 12 Volts
Working Current12V@0.15A
Schedule Recording4 programmable schedules
Motion Detection MaskingYes
Pre RecordYes
Post RecordYes
Size6" x 4" x 2"
Weight7.2 ounces

sp20 Specs

Description20 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel
Number of CellsPanel has 36pcs cells
Nominal Output Voltage18V
Operating Voltage (Vmp)18.2V
Operating Current (Imp)1.1A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)22.0V
Weight8 Lb
Dimensions19" x 14" x 1"

Package Includes

Rugged Weatherproof case
USB card reader
2 ea. 16Gb SD cards
2 ea. SSC-22-12VRB Rechargeable batteries with 1 deep cycle battery charger AND solar panel for charger
Dual-power connector to connect both included batteries at once
1 ea. CA-100 power video cable
Misc. adapters
Full instruction manual

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Good company and responsive to customer needs.

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Very good company to work with. I have only purchased a few different products but all have worked well.

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