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This page and only this page has our 0 battery drain analog phone recorders. If you are unable to use household current and you need to monitor your phone line for a long time, whether it be a day, a week or a month then you need a zero battery drain phone recorder.

These units will not operate on any kind of digital, VOIP, voice over Internet protocol, Charter Telephone systems. They will not operate on any kind of multi-line telephone with hold buttons or more than one phone number unless our handset headset adapter is used. There will be no line activation, 0 battery drain, any automatic features when using the handset headset adapter.

Zero battery drain means only when there is a phone call will the battery be used. While it is in standby waiting for the next phone call regardless whether it is an hour, day, week or even a month there is no battery drain. The recorder uses the phone line voltage while in standby.

8 hour Phone Recorders:
Records only when the phone is picked up. Records both sides of the conversation and records all extensions on line. Search forward or backwards during playback. This unit will only let the signal from the phone lines pass to the recorder when the phone is in use, thus there is no battery drain while waiting for the next phone call. Unit is powered by batteries.

Modular line jack and hard carrying case included.
This is only a phone recorder and not a room recorder.

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