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Keep Your Phone Line Safe With Our Phone Analyzer and Tap Deactivator

Six levels of protection deactivate, neutralize, monitor, and alert you to eavesdropping attempts. Both on-hook and off-hook line voltages are constantly displayed, alerting you to any type of equipment or “bug” that has been added to your phone line. Common “voltage sensing” telephone recorders (readily available at electronic stores) will never even know you are on the line, remaining in the standby mode.
Protect your privacy!

SL-100 Multiple Levels of Protection

Eavesdropping and “bugging” telephone lines are illegal, but for many businesses and private citizens it is a common practice. Now you can virtually assure your privacy with the all-new, totally automatic 1004 telephone analyzer and tap deactivator. The 1004 offers more levels of protection than any other device of its kind. If you are looking for just one item to protect and monitor your phone and fax, THIS IS IT!!!

Assure Your Phone Line Is Safe with the SL-100

The same goes for parasitic line transmitters. High-tech, crystal-controlled, parallel-line transmitters will be automatically “shifted” off their frequency to transmit nothing but static “noise”. Even the often feared VOX (voice-activated) systems are neutralized by the SSC-1004 Anti-Vox System. VOX recording systems are forced to run continuously when your phone is not in use, filling up their recording media with “noise”. You are instantly alerted to any extension eavesdroppers by a special “muting” circuit that stops your conversation until the offender “hangs up” or you override the system by switching off the unsafe/safe switch.

Powered From The Phone Line - No Batteries or AC Power Supplies Needed

Due to 100% state-of-the-art surface mount technology, the 1004 never needs batteries or bulky AC adapters, as it gets all the power it needs from the phone line itself. It installs in seconds with modular connector cable (included). This will not work on multi-line phones when you have different phone numbers or when there is a fax machine or anything else on the line. Designed for home or small business with a single line.

The 1004 only works on single phone lines. It is designed to connect to a single phone for full protection.

  • 1004 FEATURES:
    • Digital display will reflect any change in your phone line voltages
    • Designed for Single-Line Phones
    • Automatically deactivates all known wire-tapping devices
    • Creates shift of frequencies in crystal-line transmitters
    • Voice simulation causes VOX equipment to record noise when line is not in use, filling up any type of recording media
    • Turns off voltage-sensing recording/transmitting devices
    • Fully line powered, requires no batteries or AC adapter
    • Instantly alerts user to extension eavesdropping attempts
    • 100% state-of-the-art digital surface mount technology

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Telephone line analyzer

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