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Professional Video Surveillance Package

This package is an indoor outdoor self contained color camera, audio system. SSC-173GCXX is ideal for the investigator, detective or corporate security individual. Everything is 12 volts DC. It can all be ran from the included batteries for complete mobility. We include AC power supplies as well so you do not have to rely on batteries when your surveillance application changes. We include cameras, microphone, transmitter, receiver, DVR, batteries, cables, SD cards and even a audio video 7 inch monitor with a built in rechargeable battery.

Transmits Video Wirelessly

The SSC-773GCXX also includes a multi-channel fully weatherproof digital selectable transmitter and indoor receiver. A camera can be connected wirelessly to the included portable 12 vdc DVR or hard-wired.

When using the transmitter and one of the cameras along with one of the included batteries you can be up to 1000 feet away line of sight and view what is going on where the camera is located. You will also be able to record at the same time.

Record Video and Audio Continuously or on Motion Detection

The SSC-758HQ is our video/audio SD card based portable 1 channel DVR. It will accommodate up to a 32 GB SD card. It can be set to record continuously, on a schedule, or on motion detection. It has the ability to record at 30 frames per second real time at full D1 resolution (704 X 480).

2 Different Cameras Included

We include our best all-around bullet camera for daytime, nighttime and low light surveillance.  We also include 3 extra lenses for this bullet camera 8, 12 and 16mm which can be swapped out to change your distance and width accordingly.

We also include our deluxe color 700 line resolution 56 invisible 950nm LED security camera. This camera will view very well in pitch black environments and will be virtually invisible to the human eye.

Rechargeable Batteries And Chargers Included

2 batteries are part of this package, the 8 amp sealed lead acid with chargers.

We include a 25 foot 12 volt extension power cord so you can have some distance between the transmitter and batteries or other power source.

50Ft and 100Ft Cables Are Included

On top of all this we supply you with 2 cables. A  100 ft. 3 wire cable (CA100A). This cable can be used for power, video and audio all at the same time. The cable is normally connected between the transmitter and the camera/microphone. It can also be connected from the SSC-758 directly to the camera and or microphone. We also include a 50 ft. power video cable (CA-50).

Everything You Need is Included

We have listed all the main parts above. There will be enough adapters, fittings and power supplies to connect either camera to either cable, either cable to a transmitter or receiver, and either camera/cable to the self contained DVR SSC-758HQ.

  • Complete package for the private investigator or corporate security
  • Includes high resolution color camera, DVR, batteries, power supply
  • Includes everything to transmit and record wirelessly or hard wired
Print / Download Product Spec Sheet

DVR Specs

RecordingRealtime Recording and Playback 30fps Video at 704 x 480 D1 Resolution
CompressionMPeg 4 Video Compression
Timedate StampTime/Date Stamp Footage
PlaybackTime Search or Event Search Playback
Playback MethodsPlayback on TV or Computer
Recording CapabilityRecords both video and audio
Motion detection recordingYes
Motion detection maskingYes
Motion-detection sensitivityAdjustable
Multiple-recording schedulesYes
Pre RecordYES
Post RecordYES
User programmable frame rates5,15,30 FPS
Recording ResolutionD1 704 X 576 or 320 x 240
Recording FormatRecords in ASF file format
Displays amount of SD Card Used/UnusedYes
Operating Temp10F to 130F
Moving partsNo moving parts
Sound produced when operatingcompletely silent
Power consumptionSSC-758HQ-N DVR Board - 136ma
Video storageSD card
Max SD64 Gb SD card Max
Remote ControlIncluded Wireless Remote Control
Windows CompatibilityCompatible with Windows 98 through Windows 10
Mac compatibleYes

Microphone Specs

Lengths available25-100 ft depending on model chosen
Power9 volt battery or included AC power supply
Power consumption10ma
Pickup Range1-30 feet
Length of Mic21 inches

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