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580 line Super High Resolution Color Weatherproof Infrared Camera

This super heavy duty camera with brass housing is the highest quality camera on the entire website.  High Resolution 580 line 48 LED Weatherproof camera. You won't find a better camera for the price anywhera. This top of the line infrared camera also provides outstanding night time viewing up to 100 feet! Extremely rugged and completely weatherproof/waterproof.

Available in Different Lenses

This is a fixed lens camera. No adjusting of anything ever. It is available in several different lenses.  Each lense offers a different field of view. The field of view (FOV) of a camera is dictated by the lens size (in millimeters). The smaller the mm lens the wider the FOV. The larger the mm lens the more narrow FOV.  Please use the FOV tool on this page to learn and understand what the Field of view is for each of the 4 different models.

Incredible Night time And Low Light Infrared Viewing

This rugged weatherproof camera offers crystal clear color viewing in day time and B&W viewing at night or in darkness. It has 48 highly sensitive IR LEDs that make it possible to view in complete and total darkness with no need to use an additional lighting source. The built in ir sensor automatically switches to black and white as well as turning on the leds at night.

This camera also provides an extremely clear picture even in low light environments. This advanced technology is achieved from a perfect combination of sophisticated hardware and software circuitry.

Easy Setup

Camera comes in a rust-free weatherproof brass housing and is equipped with a non-stretchable weatherproof cable. There are 3 different mounting holes on the camera that can be used to position this camera anywhere--the bottom, back (as shown in picture), and top--ensuring you can always position the camera as needed. You simply screw in the mounting bracket in whichever hole you need and adjust the omni swivel bracket.

Siamese Coax is required to provide proper operation on cable runs longer than 50 ft. Our Siamese Coax is 18 gauge power and RG59 video, weatherproof and UV resistant. We also offer Direct Burial cable which can be buried right in the dirt.

Viewing or Recording Your Video

  • There is a cable coming out the camera.  This cable will connect to one of our power/video cables listed above.  The other end of the cable will then connect to your TV, VCR, or DVR.  This solution does NOT require local power.  You can power it from the same location as the TV, VCR, or DVR.

Features & Technical Specs

  • Camera Dimensions: 3.75" (L) x 2.75" (Dia)
  • 1/3" Super sensitive Sony HQ Color CCD sensor
  • Highly defined 580 lines of resolution
  • IR sensitive BW switching at night & true color at day
  • Incredible low Lux performance
  • 0.0 lux with IR On
  • Automatic LED on/off
  • 12 VDC operating voltage. 700ma power cosumption
  • Includes mounting bracket, sun shield and power supply
  • Auto white balance, Auto Iris
  • Auto gain control
  • Infra-red Illumination Range: 90 feet
  • Rust free brass weatherproof housing
  • 4mm, 12mm, 25mm and 35mm lens options
  • More than 50DB signal to noise ratio
  • Weight: 500g
  • Operating Temperature: 14f - 122f
  • One year warranty

Package includes: Color Day/Night Camera, Sun Shade, Mounting Bracket, and a 1 amp/24 watt Power Supply.

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