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Economy Color Board Camera

Ultra small easy to connect. Sharp, clear, color picture, infrared night time viewing. Used in many convenience stores and restaurants to watch cash registers and change machines. Excellent quality. Comes with plug & play connectors and AC adapter. Views great in the light or the dark. Easily transforms into a wireless camera with our wireless option available above. Please note that camera is not weatherproof and should only be used indoors.

Infrared LEDs

This camera has 6 infrared LEDs. They are 850nm which are the most common in the surveillance industry.  The LEDs help you see great in the light or the dark. They have a 25 ft. viewing range.

Different Lenses Available

There are several different lenses available for this camera.  The smaller the mm lens, the wider the view.  The larger the mm lens, the more narrow the view.  The 3.6m lens is suited for wide-angle viewing, whereas the 25mm lens is suited for telephoto "zoomed in" applications. 

Use the following number for mm and Field of View (FOV) determination
  • 3.6mm Lens @ 25ft away sees 25ft width
  • 6mm Lens @ 25ft away sees 15ft width
  • 8mm Lens @ 25ft away sees 11ft width
  • 12mm Lens @ 25ft away sees 7ft width
  • 16mm Lens @ 25ft away sees 5 1/2ft width
  • 25mm Lens @ 25ft away sees 3 1/2ft width
These numbers are for viewing 25ft away.  If you're viewing further away (like 50ft), you would simply double the width.

Viewing and Recording Video, What does Hard Wired Mean?

Hard Wired
Coming out of the camera is 1 wire assembly with 2 ends - one for power and one for video.  Many people use one of our power video cables to connect to the camera and then run that cable to the TV or DVR. This option does not require local power where the camera is at - it plugs in for power at the other end of the cable.

DVR Usage and Compatibility

Most customers choose to connect the camera to a DVR for recording. We have a 4 Camera, 8 Camera, and 16 Camera DVR which will great with this camera. The DVR allows recording, motion detection recording, playback, and internet / smartphone viewing. When using a DVR, either the cable from the camera or the wireless receiver connect to the DVR input jack. Then, the DVR connects to your TV or computer monitor.
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Product Specifications and Features

Image Sensor1/4" Sharp CCD
Dimensions1-1/2" tall X 1-3/4" wide.
Color Camera420 lines of resolution
Infrared6-850nm IR Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
WiringAttached power video cord
Power Consumption12 VDC at 100ma
HousingABS housing
BracketAttached Mounting Bracket
LensDifferent lenses available
Package IncludesCamera
12VDC AC power supply

Package Includes

12VDC AC power supply

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