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This is what the professionals use when installing cameras. Siamese cable is RG59 for video and 18/2 for power. Weatherproof, UV resistant, Siamese Coax.

SiaB-BFT and SiaW-BFT are what installers would use in most homes. A single run can be hundreds of feet long without video loss or power loss when using to correct power supply.

We also offer Direct Burial Siamese on a different page. Direct Burial cable is rated to be buried directly in the dirt or ground.
Many people use and combine pre-made or pre-fab 25, 50, 75, 100, and 150 ft. cables together to make longer hard-wired runs. This is not recommended. There will be a considerable voltage drop and video loss. This results in bad color, a weak picture, and even poor night vision with some infrared LED cameras.

Higher Quality Cable for Optimum Picture Quality

Our CA-25, CA-50, CA-75, CA-100, and CA-150 do work well with many cameras. But if you are using an infrared LED camera that requires more amperage and are attempting to run 50+ foot run, then please consider using Siamese Coax for optimum picture quality.

Pre-fab cables are 22 and 20 gauge for power and video. This is fine for some cameras, but not all. A basic board camera or bullet camera with no LEDs will only require about 120ma of power.  These will work just fine on a  CA-150 cable. 

Better for Longer Cable Runs

On the other hand, our LED (light emitting diode) high-resolution cameras may require up to 800ma of power when the LEDs are on. A CA-25 is about the longest pre-made you can use without degradation. You must use Siamese Coax for runs longer than 25 ft. Our 104-LEDncameras require approx. 470ma of power when LEDs are on. Siamese for these cameras is required for runs over 50 ft.

We include 2 ea. BNCTO connectors for each length of Siamese cable 50 ft and longer. You will have to purchase connectors separately if your run is shorter. You will not need any special tools for the twist. You will need a special tool when using the BNC crimp-on or compression connectors.  Professional installers prefer compression video connectors because they are quick and simple to attach. 

Drill Smaller Holes

Although Siamese Coax is a larger gauge power and video than standard pre-made cables, it requires a smaller hole to feed through because the connectors attach to the cable after it is in place.

To attach the power side of cable you simply cut the included power supply wire, strip about 3/4" of the end and wirenut to each side of cable. This will give you the correct plug to plug directly into the camera. The power supply is then wirenutted to the other side of power cable inside your home.

Just the Right Length

Achieving custom lengths is much easier with Siamese Coax than it is with our normal cable. You can easily cut this cable to the desired length, use a twist-on or crimp-on BNC connector, and connect the end to your camera. You can also then wire the camera to it for video as well as for power.

Siamese Coax is also available in a wider variety of lengths and colors. Instead of being restricted to 5, 25, 50, or 100 feet increments, you can have a cable length in any length. You may also purchase rolls of 500 or 1000 ft. This way, you can ensure every cable length is exactly right, making cleaner and less wasteful installs. Siamese coax is available to better suit your installation environment.

Print / Download Product Spec Sheet

Cable Specs

Cable TypeRG59/U Coaxial Siamese cable CL2 (class 2 cable)
Specs2C/18 gauge Siamese cable
Video Portion of CableRG59
Power Portion18/2

Package Includes

Siamese power video coax cable
2 ea BNC Twist on Video Connectors
4 ea Wire Nuts
Male and Female Power Leads
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