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All of our batteries have the same type of plug end as the AC adapter. This means that you can simply use a battery pack instead of the AC adapter.

Most all of CCTV surveillance cameras, transmitters, and receivers operate on 12 volts DC.

In order to determine how long a battery will last for a small camera or transmitter, you simply subtract 1/3 of the battery amperage, and then divide the remainder of battery milliamp  by the power consumption milliamp of the device. For example, our standard transmitters use approx. 100ma per hour, and a basic board camera or bullet camera uses approx. 100ma per hour. So you will get approx. 7 hours of operation from our 2000ma rechargeable battery before it is drained.

All of our rechargeable batteries come complete with recharger
that will plug directly into household current to recharge.
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Product Specifications and Features

Max Power5 Amp hours of power
Power SwitchOn/Off switch in battery pack
Power Jacks2.1mm female input and 2.1mm male output plugs
Input Voltage110VAC ~ 230VAC, 12.6V ~ 4500mAH
Output Voltage12.6VDC +-10%, 350mA
LEDIndicator for on off
Power Cord18in power cord with 2.1mm plug
Dimensions5 x 3 1/2 x 1/2 inches
Package IncludesRechargeable battery pack
AC battery charger

Package Includes

Rechargeable battery pack
AC battery charger

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