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Excellent for law enforcement, cabins, automobiles or wherever power supply is limited.
Whenever you plug a vcr into an outlet it must be programmed or at least you need to press record each and every time. This Magnavox 4 head HQ VCR has been modified in such a way that whenever it gets plugged into an outlet it automatically begins recording until power is removed. It will keep doing this each time power is put to it and removed.

This unique feature allows you to record only when you want to. Law enforcement use them in decoy vehicles so when the car door is opened and a switch is triggered to put power to it. Cabin owners, ranchers, farmers experiencing theft use it in a similar way.
All you need to do is have an outlet or extension cord that you can control the power with. In 12 volt applications, simply use a 12 volt to 120 volt converter. You can even connect multiple cameras by using a quad with this VCR.

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