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Realtime GPS Tracker

This unit will compete favorably with any unit in the industry, and at a better price! It is as easy to use as a mobile phone and requires no third party for tracking purposes. The tracking information is received on a moving map display on your own laptop or desktop computer. "3000" uses Satellite Navigation Technology to pinpoint the location of a vehicle, then uses the GSM system to transmit the vehicle data back to the user, live and in real time to your personal computer.

Features of the "SSC 3000"
1) Track your car if it's stolen or towed away, any time day or night.
2) Locate a Teenager out to late with the Family car.
3) Monitor your staff and employees on the road, know where they are at all times.
4) Locate partners stuck in traffic.
5) In car navigation to find your position if lost or broken down.
6) Position and alarm status displays.
7) Printed history reports.
8) Multi-function alarm system.
9) Position/Movement alarm, will call your cell or telephone if car moves more than a specified amount of distance, 300-500FT
10) Geo-Fencing alarm, can notify you if vehicle moves out of a specified area.
11) Unique I.D for each user/vehicle.
12) Real time data tracking to your personal computer.
13) No third party call center.
14) Full vehicle history printed reports.
15) Unit will store up to six months of history.
16) Anti-carjack/hi-jack panic button.
17) Super small unit. Dimensions are: 4 1/2" (long) x 2" (wide) x 1 1/4" (deep)
18) Our software package does not rely on Corporate servers to track your vehicle, a Modem is all that
is required. Security is important to us!

We have an exclusive contract with T-Mobile. $29.95 a month for 600 minutes, 12 month contract. Within 48 hours after submitting application you will be active.

This unit must be placed inside of vehicle, preferably under the dash is best so antenna is in line with windshield.

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