Wildlife Observation and Study Camera
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Wildlife Observation and Study Camera

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Wildlife Study Camera package for Ducks, Geese, Owls and any other Animal or Bird

Many Universities have purchased this package with grants in order to study wildlife in different ways.  We offer a number of systems that are labeled with SSC-773. They can all basically be used for the same purpose. The main differences are the size/amperage of batteries and the quality or model of camera included. The SSC-773WL2 version advertised on this page is comes with an outdoor weatherproof camera with night vision. The LEDs in the camera are 940nm which means they are virtually invisible at night. The WL2 model has our biggest batteries comes with a heavy duty rugged custom made 50 ft power video cable. Please contact us if you require a longer power video cable.

Police departments and Sheriffs" departments may use this for surveillance when they have no power and must rely on batteries.  Parks and  Game wardens use this system to catch poachers and other criminal acts. Companies that count traffic and people for commercial uses also take of advantage of this product. All video is stored on a removable SD card. The max size of SD card for this DVR is 64GB. All the "773s" utilize the same dvr. The primary differences are in the size of batteries and quality of camera. Call us if you have any questions or wish to customize your own 773.

Power by Batteries for 4 days or Indefinitely on AC Operation

This is an ideal solution for recording outdoors or indoors when you don't have access to power. You can let the SSC-773WL2 run for 96 hours without having to worry about it when you use both included batteries. No more buying battery after battery. Our rechargeable batteries are good for hundreds of charges. Purchase extra batteries if you wish for quick swappable action to minimize surveillance down time. A powerful heavy duty battery charger is also included. 

You do not have to rely on batteries if your surveillance needs change. Everything can also operate on household voltage using the included AC power supply. You can easily remove the camera, DVR, and cable from the box and install them in your attic, garage, front yard, automobile, RV, or just about anywhere.

High-Quality D1 Recording 

DVR records in amazing D1 quality at 30 frames per second (FPS). This, bundled with the H.264 capability, provides you great picture quality on all of your recorded footage.

This DVR package is also equipped with a 50 foot heavy duty power video extension cable. This allows you to have the surveillance camera up to 100 feet away from the DVR box and batteries.

This package is totally complete with camera, batteries, SD cards, and wiring. The battery life advertised relates to the included bullet camera. We have included the highest resolution and lowest light camera we offer. Also note this package is NOT waterproof or submersible--it is only weatherproof to repel rain, snow and moisture.

H.264 D1 Resolution 704 X 480 Recorded Video 

Excellent video quality. All footage, each and every video clip is time and date stamped so you know exactly when it took place. Use for crisp, clear, color video that is ready for lawyers, police, or simply your own internal evidence of events.

3 Different Ways to Record

  • Motion Detection: Built-in motion detection recording allows you to easily record only when there is motion or activity taking place. 
  • Continuously: You may also set it to record continuously if desired by the hour or 24/7 round the clock.
  • Schedule Record: The third method of recording is scheduled record. The menu allows you to select exactly which hours of the day you want to record whether it be continuous, motion activated, or not at all. 
This digital video recorder has built-in auto overwrite function.  This means the DVR will not stop recording because the card is full. When the SD gets full, the oldest footage will automatically get over-written with new footage. All recordings are time-date stamped and stored to hidden SD card.  Unit will accept up to a 64Gb SD card.

DVR Supports Pre-recording

This means that when programmed for motion-detection recording the DVR is smart enough to provide 5 seconds of recording before the actual event begins.  This feature allows you never to miss the very beginning of the event/crime.

Playback Video on TV or Computer

This unit can connect to TV for playback via the video out jack or to a computer via the included USB card reader.  Recordings can easily be transferred to a computer where they can be emailed, uploaded to a website, uploaded to You Tube, or archived on your computer.  All hardware and software needed for TV and computer viewing are included.

No special software needed for video playback. Video plays back through standard media player software (such as Windows Media Player).

Record footage at Full D1. 704 X 480 resolution allows for crystal-clear, full-screen video on your TV or computer monitor.

User Adjustable Frame rates and Recording Times

SD Card  at 30fps                               at 15fps                     at 5fps
8GB     4 hours 15 hours 26 hours
16Gb 10 hours 30 hours 53 hours
32Gb 22 hours 62 hours 110 hours
64Gb 44 Hours 124 Hours 221 Hours 

The above numbers are approximate. We used highest quality resolution at D1 video. We only changed the frames per second.

Units have user-adjustable frame-rates. Higher frame-rates mean smoother video but shorter recording times per gb of storage.  Lower frame-rates mean less smooth video but longer recording times per gb of storage.

This digital video recorder has built-in auto overwrite function.  This means the DVR will not stop recording because the card is full. When the SD gets full, the oldest footage will automatically get over-written with new footage.

Weatherproof Battery Operated DVR Package. Real Time A/V Recording D1 H.264, Motion Detect Recording. Incl, 2ea. 32Gb SD Cards and 22-12VRB Batteries. 1 ea. SSC-24C36 Wide Angle Invisible LED Camera, Deep Cycle Battery Charger, 100 Foot Heavy Duty Power Video Cable, 1 Amp Power Supply, USB Card Reader, V2 and HQ QS Booklets.

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