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This camera is 100% waterproof and ready to be submersed. The 1/3" CCD chip gives you a crisp color picture and the infrared leds are completely automatic providing an excellent picture in a low light underwater environment. 

The infrared LEDs are off during normal light and turn on when it gets dark.

This is considered a medium duty underwater camera. Ideal for fish ponds, aquariums, snorkeling and other similar applications. 4 screws on the exterior of camera can be attached to a number of objects for stability and control.

Camera is equipped with a 100 ft underwater cable which is permanently attached. This cable is spliced in the middle and cannot be removed.  The camera has a 40 ft underwater rating. The video and power connection at the end of the cable should not get wet.

Features and Specs

  • 1/3" Sony Color CCD with 800 lines of resolution
  • 3.6mm Lens
  • 85 degree field of view
  • 800 lines of resolution
  • 100 ft. long power video cable attached
  • Submersible/Waterproof
  • Depth Rating: 40 feet
  • 12 volts DC Operation (AC Power Supply included)
  • Aluminum alloy composite body
  • AC adapter included

Package Includes: Underwater Camera with 100 ft cable attached and AC power supply