Snake Camera Hidden Camera with Flexible Neck
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Snake Camera Hidden Camera with Flexible Neck

  • $49.95
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  • Flexible Adjustable Color Camera
  • High Quality Color 700 lines Analog Video
  • Easy Handheld Operation
  • Video and Audio Capable
  • Battery or AC operation

This snake camera is ideal for all your hard-to-reach places. DVR and monitor sold separately. The rigid, flexible neck can be turned, bent, and shaped to help you see into and around tight places. It will hold whatever position you put it in. You can power it from the included AC power supply or AA batteries (not included). Adjustable focus lets you focus on something far away or very close (minimum focus length of 1 inch away). It even comes with a separate stand for long-term use. This flexible snake camera is great for people that need to see an area before they enter. This includes firemen, police officers, SWAT teams, military applications, and more. In addition to use by investigators and law enforcement officers, the snake camera is also great for handymen, installers, utility people, inspectors, and more. You could easily feed the snake camera into an air vent, duct, or pipe to see what is there. Sometimes you need to see something that is just impossible to see on its own. The snake camera can go where you can't to see what you need to see. The AC adapter is great for more permanent installations, whereas the included battery holder is ideal for portable and hand-held applications. This snake camera makes a great partner with the portable hand-held monitor available separately above SSC-TFT35HR. If you also need to record then look at our SSC-758HQ-N DVR. If you need more distance between the snake camera and DVR or monitor then purchase different lengths of cables from our website. The video jack on the snake camera will connect directly to the monitor without the use of any extra cables. Camera also has a built-in high quality microphone. This allows you to both see and listen while using the camera. Color snake camera, Adjustable mounting base, AC power supply, AA battery pack holder and a 25 foot power video cable are all included.

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