HD Dome Camera Fixed Lens 2.8mm
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HD Dome Camera Fixed Lens 2.8mm

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HD Dome Camera With Infrared

The dome camera can be used anywhere.  It is fully weatherproof and be used anywhere indoors or outdoors.  The technology is AHD, CVI, TVI or 960H Analog. To produce full HD high definition 1080p video it must be connected to a high definition DVR. If you plan to use this camera with an older style analog DVR, then it will put out 1000 lines of resolution and not 1080p HD. This video is sent over traditional video cables back to a DVR.  This dome camera has infrared LEDs which turn off and on automatically with lighting conditions.  The fixed lens is 2.8mm providing you a wide view. The dipswitches on the camera cable can be moved to accommodate which type of high definition or analog DVR you have.

Works with Analog DVRs as Well!

If you still have an older style analog DVR with analog cameras like 380, 480, 600 and/or 750 lines of resolution this camera will still work for you. Whenever you decide to upgrade your DVR to High Resolution HD 1080p all you need to do to this camera is change the dip switches. You will have to probably have to replace your other older cameras, but not this one.

To make the move now to a new High Definition DVR, click on this link.  

Fixed Lense and Infrared SSC-DIR-ARG28

The SSC-DIR-ARG28 24 infrared LEDs on this camera allow it see great during the day or during the night. The LEDs turn off and on automatically using the built-in photoelectric sensor for lighting. The  2.8 fixed view will see wider than 100 degrees  in order to cover a very wide area.

Incredible Image Quality

This camera provides true 1080p HD high definition video.  And it sends it over traditional video cables.  You will be very impressed with the image quality.  Gone are the days of 500 or 600 lines of resolution. The days of HD video surveillance are here.


  • Full HD (1920x1080) image when connected to an HD DVR
  • Switchable to CVI/TVI/AHD or 960H interface with conventional coaxial cable
  • Six times the resolution of traditional analog cameras
  • Defog: Defog Technology enhances visibility in real-time fog, smoke, low light, and dust conditions
  • Smart DNR technology - reduces noise efficiently in low light conditions
  • Digital Wide Dynamic Range
  • Choice of colors white or gray

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