800 Line Color Day Night Pinhole Camera
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800 Line Color Day Night Pinhole Camera

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Day Night Board Camera With 800 Lines of Resolution 

This camera has an incredible 800 lines of resolution and incredible day and night viewing.  The 800 lines give you a ultra razor sharp image.  The day night .0001 LUX enable you to see in the light or in the dark.  The small size of the camera enables it to be used just about anywhere without drawing attention.

Stunning 800 Lines Of Resolution Provides Super True Color

The more lines of resolution a camera has the sharper the picture will be.  You will be hard pressed to find a pinhole camera with a higher resolution than 900 lines.  We know you'll be impressed with the picture quality.

Incredible Picture Whether Light or Dark

This camera has a .01 lux rating for day and a .0001 lux rating for night.  The lower the lux rating, the better the low light viewing.  A .0001 lux rating is an extremely low lux rating.  This camera can easily be placed in a low light environment and see very well.

850 IR Compatible

This pinhole lens camera is incredibly sensitive to 850 nanometer infrared light.  Use with any 850nm IR illuminator.

Are you looking for Invisible LED Compatibility?

This is NOT the camera for 940nm invisible LED usage. Select our 700 line series camera if you plan to use it with invisible led emitters. 

Choose From a Conical Or Flat Lens

Whichever lens you choose, the picture you see will be the same.  The lens only affects physically how the camera looks.  Some situations are more suitable for a conical lens and some situations are more suitable for a flat lens.

The camera has 2 sets of mounting holes.  The outer mounting holes can be easily snipped off to make the camera smaller if desired.  You can see both sets of mounting holes easily by enlarging the picture above.

Special Note:  Cirque du Soleil has purchased this camera in the past because of it's amazing true color.


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