9 and 22 Amp 12 Volt Rechargeable Battery
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9 and 22 Amp 12 Volt Rechargeable Battery

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Lead Acid Rechargeable Batteries 

We offer 2 models of rechargeable batteries. The batteries we offer include the proper wiring type of plug end as our AC adapter. This means that you can simply use a battery instead of the AC adapter for your 12 VDC product.

Works With The Vast Majority of Cameras

Most of our cameras, transmitters, and receivers operate on 12 volts DC. Battery operation is not recommended for any type of permanent surveillance. It is short-term or portable method.

Works Great for Cameras, Transmitters, DVRs, Etc.  

In order to determine how long a battery will last for a small camera or transmitter, you simply subtract 1/3 of the battery amperage, and then divide the remainder of battery ma by the power consumption ma of the device. For example, our standard transmitters use approx. 100ma per hour, and a basic board camera or bullet camera uses approx. 100ma per hour. So you will get approx. 7 hours of operation from our 2000ma rechargeable battery before it is drained. 

Due to a much larger amp draw when it comes to powering a monitor or infrared LED camera, you must use the larger batteries such as the 22  amp lead acid batteries for those applications.

9 Amp Comes Complete With Charger

The 9 amp rechargeable battery come complete with recharger that will plug directly into household current to recharge.

SSC-912VRB-LA 12 volt 9 amp (9000ma) LA, 5.5 lbs.--size 6"X3-1/2"X2-5/8"

The 22 amp battery requires a Deep Cycle Trickle Charger which is not included with that battery. When purchasing more than 1 of our 22 amp batteries, most people only need 1 charger.

SSC-22-12VRB-LA 12 volt 22 amp (22000ma) LA, 14 lbs.--size 7"X3"X6-5/8"

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