12 Volt DC 6 Amp Power Supplies
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12 Volt DC 6 Amp Power Supplies

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AC Power Supplies for Surveillance Cameras and Other Devices

The AC power supply plugs into a normal, everyday, household, wall outlet. Normal household voltage is 110-120 volt AC. The AC power supply then transforms household voltage into 12 volts DC or otherwise specified voltage. 

12 VDC is the primary voltage to operate CCTV cameras, DVRs, and most surveillance equipment. 

All of our AC power supplies are regulated. This means they are always 12 volts. An unregulated power supply can be 15 or 17 volts at the source, thus giving too much voltage to a piece of equipment and making it run too warm, decreasing the life span of that item.

It is very important to have enough amperage to power the piece of equipment properly. This is why we offer different sizes of regulated12 volts DC power supplies.

A larger amperage power supply is better than a low amperage power supply for your camera, as long as it is a regulated power supply.

Some CCTV surveillance products operate on 24 volts AC. Large items such as Pan Tilt Zoom cameras and large capacity infrared cameras, as well as many professional box cameras run on 24 VAC. Today many cameras are dual voltage meaning you can use 12 VDC or 24 VAC on a camera. 

6 Amp, 60 Watt Regulated 12 Volt DC Power Supply. Standard Household AC Jack Connects into Normal Wall Outlet. Outputs to Standard 2.1mm CCTV Connector for Cameras, Transmitters, Cables, and DVRs.

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