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Why purchase a security video monitor?
Unlike TV's, security monitors normally have a still image they are viewing, either from one camera or from a quad. These images will become "burned" into a normal TV after prolonged usage, similar to how older computer monitors used to get. Video surveillance monitors are designed specifically for this reason, so you do not ruin your television after long periods of monitoring. In addition to that our security monitors are very high resolution and are audio capable. We have a great selection of color monitors. Please read descriptions carefully before purchasing. Measurements are width, height, depth.

Controls: Contrast, Brightness, Color Saturation, Tint, Volume
BNC video input & output
Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 degrees C
Operating Humidity: 10-90%
14" Dimensions: 302mm x 310mm x 325mm

Color Monitors w/ Audio
-----14” Color - 15" x 14" x 16" - 460 lines

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