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Mantel Clock Self Recording Hidden Camera

This normal looking small mantle clock  is in fact a realtime self contained hidden spy camera. It can easily be set to record on motion detection, on a schedule, or 24/7.  Recorded video is stored to a hidden SD card (16Gb included, larger cards up to 32Gb available separately). All video is time-date stamped for security and can be played back on any TV or computer using the included accessories. No one will ever suspect that this normal looking PIR is in fact a self contained hidden camera.

The clock itself is powered by one AA battery. The DVR and camera are powered by AC power. There will be a normal looking black power cord coming out of the back in order to plug in the included AC power supply.

Easily Blends Into Any Home, Office, or Business

The camera and DVR board are concealed inside a very normal and elegant looking solid wood mantle clock.  It is only 6 inches tall and 7-1/2 inches wide.  Because of the small size this hidden camera can blend in anywhere and will not draw any attention at all.

Power by AC Power

The unit can be powered using the included AC power supply. This will allow for 24/7 surveillance. When the SD card is full it will begin to over-write the oldest footage and never stop recording. The included 16 Gb SD card will easily store over a week of footage and in many cases over 2 weeks.

It is possible to power the camera and DVR by battery if there is no power source nearby. Our 5 amp battery will power it for 24 hours. The battery will be external.

3 Recording Modes

The unit can easily be set to record in any manner that you wish. The different modes help you not waste time and memory space recording something that there is no need to record.
  • You can record 24/7
  • You can record on a schedule
  • You can record on video motion detection (our most popular choice)

Easy Video Playback

Video is easily played back on your TV or computer using the included accessories. To playback on your computer, remove the SD from from its hidden compartment and connect to your computer's SD card slot or use a USB SD card reader.  To playback on your TV, use the included video cable to connect the unit to your TV's auxiliary input port. This method works in a similar method to connecting a video game system.

Package Includes

  • Mantle Clock self recording hidden camera
  • Video cable
  • 16Gb SD card
  • USB Card Reader
  • AC power supply

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