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Motion Sensor Eliminates Battery Usage Between Events

Only when the sensor sees motion does it let power pass through. When there is no activity in the area being surveilled the battery is electrically disconnected from the system. This works great with DVR systems like our SSC-758.

This means a single 8 amp or 22amp battery could last for months if there is no activity whatsoever in the area.

Works With Any 12VDC Battery - The Larger the Battery The Longer Your Backup

You can pair this with any 12VDC battery. The higher the battery amperage rating the longer the battery life.  We recommend using our 22 amp battery when utilizing the PIR Sensor. The SSC-758 DVR consumes around 220ma per hours and most pinhole cameras or bullet cameras with LEDs consume around 100-125ma.

Recommended For Use with the SSC-758 DVR.

The SSC-758 has a boot up time around 3 seconds. This means after the PIR sensor senses motion it will be about 5 seconds before recording occurs.

We DO NOT recommend the 758HQ because the HQ models takes about 20 seconds for boot up.

Please note when we say "boot up" we mean from the point power is applied to the DVR. This also means the PIR Sensor may not be for everybody especially if you are trying to capture an event that may only be a few seconds.

If that is the case, then we suggest you purchase the SSC-758HQ and use constant power. The HQ model DVR has pre-record ability so even if the event is only 2 seconds you will still get it all on video.

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PIR Battery Sensor
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