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Store Information on Thousands of Calls

This is Caller ID like you've never seen.  It stores thousands of numbers - incoming and outgoing - and their time stamps.  The large internal memory allows you to look back and know who was calling whom for the last 2000 phone calls on your line. This phone number recorder will keep track of all your important calls. ER-4000 Model Number Phone Manager Plus

  • Incoming Calls:
    • Stores Information on 2000 Incoming Calls
    • Identifies the source of incoming calls by displaying the number of the call (Caller ID service required)
    • Provides time of phone calls.
  • Outgoing Calls:
    • Stores Information on 2000 Outgoing Calls
    • Identifies the source of outgoing calls by displaying the number of the call.
    • Provides time of phone calls.
  • Other Features
    • Small Convenient Size: Easy to pack in your luggage while traveling.
    • Monitors calls on any analog line.
    • Low power Consumption : Typical battery life is approximately 3 months
    • Large Memory Capacity:
    • Can record data on up to 2000 incoming and outgoing phone calls.
    • Easy To Use: Clearly labeled and easy to understand function keys

Package Includes

Phone Manager
Instruction Manual
Phone cable

Dale from Hesperia, CA 2009-11-09 14:40:05

excelent service and product thanks

Dennis from Saskatoon, 2009-04-21 14:17:11

Excellent customer service!

Scott from Houston, TX 2009-02-23 11:32:35

records the incoming and outgoing numbers great

Carla from Johns Creek, GA 2009-01-14 19:15:55

If my needs change and I require more security products, I will look at your products first as your company carries such a wide variety of surveillance needs.

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