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Easily Record Phone Calls or Room Conversations for a Price You Can Afford 

25-Hour Recording Capacity! Easily record your phone or room conversations.

Phone/Room Recorder DPR-25E---25 hours of high-quality recording. This digital voice recorder can be used to record incoming and outgoing phone conversations. Or it can be used to record normal room conversation.

All recorded audio can be transferred over to your computer for archival or backup purposes using the included USB cable and software. Powered by 2 AAA batteries.

Power By Batteries

AAA batteries will last approx 14 hours. You don't need anything else. Included software allows recordings to be converted to standard .wav file. Power unit by 2 AAA batteries.

Completely digital with flash memory, no cassette tape is necessary.

The Simplest Digital Audio Recorder That We Have

This recorder is the absolute simplest recorder and easiest to use recorder that we offer. Simply press a button to start recording and press a button to stop recording. There are no menus or settings you will have to adjust.

Connects to Any Wall Jack on Your Line To Record All Calls on All Phones on that Line

Unit plugs into any phone jack in your house. It will record all phones in your house. The DPR-25E works with all phones, this includes cordless phones, digital phones, speakerphones, and headset phones. The small size (4 x 2 x 1/2") lets it fit anywhere.

Playback Recorded Messages In Your Hand Or On Your Computer

There are 3 ways to playback recorded message

  • Playback the recorded messages using the internal speaker (while it's right in your hand)
  • Connect the included earbuds for private playback
  • Download to a computer to listen, email, upload to a website, etc. Files can be downloaded to any Windows 98, 2000, Me, or XP computer.
Each recording that you have will be its own file. This allows you to easily delete files you do not need or want.

Transfer Recordings To Your Computer

Quickly and easily transfer recordings to your computer using the included USB cable.  All hardware and software for computer connectivity is included.  Please note that a computer will enhance usage, but one is not required.

Completely Silent and Great For Discreet Usage

Completely silent-- No annoying clicks or sounds when you pick up your phone or during your conversation. No one will suspect you are using a phone recorder because the DPR-25E is undetectable. Your phones will work and sound exactly the same as they did before. This unit will stop recording when it is full. It will not record over itself, you must delete messages when full. The DPR-25E phone recorder/room recorder cannot monitor your room and phone at the same time. It must be one or the other.

Note: If you are using this on a mult-line (multi-phone number) telephone with more than one telephone number or if you have DSL or any other type of VOIP telephone service, then you must order and use the handset/headset adapter.

Package Includes:

  • Digital recorder
  • Telephone adapter
  • External earphone
  • External microphone
  • 2-AAA alkaline batteries
  • USB cable and software.

Note: This unit will not function with Vonage, Comcast, Charter, Verizon, Cox, Magic jack, or any other type of Digital Internet-based VOIP telephone lines in a covert manner. This also includes multi-phone number applications such as when a telephone has multiple phone numbers and hold buttons. You must purchase the handset/headset adapter available above and it must be connected directly to a non-cordless phone. Only that one phone with the adapter connected to the receiver will be monitored. You will then be able to monitor only that one non-cordless phone when you pick up the handset receiver to that telephone.

The only way this phone conversation recorder will work covertly is if you have an analog phone system such as AT&T, Southwestern Bell, or a phone system that is not Internet based or a bundled package with your Internet service.

Jeanna from Thunder Bay Ontario, ON 2012-02-21 00:58:28

We experienced a few minor issues but your Staff were very
helpful as usual and resolved everything.

Thank you for fine products and excellent service!

Jeanna Chepil Coyle and John Coyle

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