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PAL VIDEO FORMAT!! NOT FOR USE IN THE U.S., MEXICO OR CANADA. PAL stands for Phase Alternating Line.

The U.S. is NTSC video format. This camera is not NTSC. It is PAL video format for use overseas in European countries. 

You are in our PAL category.

Line/Field 625/50

Horizontal Freq. 15.625 kHz

Vertical Freq. 50 Hz

Color Sub Carrier 4.433618 MHz

Video Bandwidth 5.0 MHz

Sound Carrier 5.5 MHz

Dimensions: 7/8" x 7/8" x 7/8" with built in transmitter. Less than 1 cubic inch in size.

Transmit up to 700 feet LOS.

This Super mini wireless color camera has the transmitter built right into the camera. You can have up to 4 of these in your home. We offer the camera in 4 separate channels. Just connect the battery to the camera and the receiver to your TV. you are ready to view real time video and audio. If you are looking for a small portable wireless camera, then this is for you. It does not get anymore simple than this.

This camera is available in 4 channels. This means that you could have up to 4 of these wireless cameras without interference from each other. The channels are not changeable on the cameras. If you order more than one, we will send you different channel cameras so that they may be used in the same area. You can only view one camera at a time when only using one receiver.

The included mounting bracket makes this camera great for a temporary or a permanent installation. This small camera could be used almost anywhere, home, office, garage, park or even your car. It has a built in mic as well which allow you to view and hear at your discretion.

Camera may be powered by a normal 9 volt battery, AA battery pack, or included AC power supply. This, along with the mounting bracket, built-in transmitter, and audio capability, makes this camera the most versatile and portable wireless mini camera we offer.

You may also purchase extra cameras for this package. You may use up to 4 cameras with 1 receiver. Simply slide the switch on the receiver to access the different camera signals. The additional cameras may be ordered below in the "Available Options" area. Keep in mind 1 receiver will only display 1 camera at at a time. You must purchase additional receivers to view multiple cameras simultaneously.

This package includes everything you need to start securing your home or office.

Package Includes:

  • 1 ea. Color camera with audio built-in transmitter
  • 1 ea. 9 Volt Battery Clip to Power Camera by 9 Volt Battery
  • 1 ea. Receiver to connect to TV, VCR, or DVR
  • 1 ea. Camera Mounting Bracket
  • 2 ea. AC power supplies for camera and receiver
  • 1 ea. RCA cable to connect receiver to TV, VCR, or DVR
Below are countries that use PAL cameras.

Qutar Algeria Iceland Romania Angola India Singapore Argentina ** Indonesia Somalia Australia Ireland South Africa Austria Israel S.W. Africa Azores Italy Spain Baharain Jordan Sri Lanka Bangladesh Kenya Sudan Belgium Kuwait Swaziland Botswana Laos Sweden Brazil Liberia Switzerland Brunei Madeire Tanzania Cameroon Malaysia Thailand Canary Islands Malta Turkey Cyprus Mozambique Uganda Denmark Nepal United Arab Emirates Dubai New Guinea United Kingdom England New Zealand Uruguay Ethiopia Nigeria West Germany Faeroe Islands North Korea Yemen Finland Norway Yugoslavia Ghana Oman Zambia Gibraltar Pakistan Zimbabwe Guinea Paraguay Greenland Poland

Erich from Cordalba, QLD 2008-11-23 07:34:21

Postesd to me promptly and well packed.

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