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When it comes to the best surveillance product in the CCTV and surveillance industry, it is difficult to beat the “Mother”.


The “Mother” has been around since Christ was a baby. It is the oldest surveillance product known to mankind.


It comes in all shapes and sizes and has actually modified and upgraded itself internally and externally throughout the centuries.


The “Mother” is a low cost high maintenance device that can perform long term surveillance from the corner of any room regardless of the size and noise level of the room or area being surveilled.


The “Mother” can perform video and audio recording simultaneously without the need of any additional equipment or wiring. It comes standard with a 1 infinity hard drive. Most of them do drive hard.


The “Mother” also includes an arbitrator. This means that after normal routine surveillance the “Mother” is actually able to determine what party was at fault.


Most “Mothers” are able to blend in to almost any environment and go completely unnoticed until things get messy or out of line. Then unfortunately they have a way of giving themselves away.


Although the “Mother” may not be perfect for every application, it is small investment which can yield great rewards for decades of high quality surveillance.


Most “Mothers” never become outdated. They have a built in mechanism which actually self activates to stay up on current styles.


The price for a brand new “Mother” will vary greatly. Some “Mothers” will actually pay you for their services as long as you keep them, but you must keep them forever.


Where as other “Mothers” may cost millions of dollars in the long run although there are usually no up front costs or fees.


Happy Mother’s day to all existing Mothers.

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