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Whenever you have more than 1 camera and you wish to view all cameras simultaneously, then you need a quad or muliplexer. A quad is less cost and only allows 4 cameras to be viewed on 1 screen. A dual page quad allow for alternating of two screens with 4 cameras per page or screen.
A mulitiplexer can allow up to 16 cameras to be viewed on same screen simultaneously, with many other features as well.


  • Compatible with color and B/W video cameras or other NTSC/EIA (PAL/CCIR) standard compatible video sources. Video synchronization is not required. Selectable termination
  • Full duplex operation allows video recording while viewing live video or video playback.
  • Dynamic Time Division multiplexing allocates camera recording time based upon picture motion content.
  • Motion sensing for each camera input is programmable via a 192 motion target grid (16 wide by 12 high)
  • Independent Main and Call Monitor outputs allow simultaneous multi camera and full screen viewing.
  • Video inputs and outputs provided for both standard and Super VHS video cassette recorders.
  • On-screen display includes date, time, alarm status, video loss and 10-character camera titles.
  • Live or tape playback views includes: full-screen with 2x zoom, Picture-in-Picture (PIP), 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4.
  • SELECT feature allows any camera to be assigned any window format.
  • Outstanding picture quality provided by a 512 x 464 (512 x 512 PAL) pixel display with 256 gray levels and 16 million colors.
  • On-screen menus simplify system setup.
  • Alarm features include one contact closure and TTL/CMOS sensitive alarm input for each camera, alarm hold input and alarm output. Alarm input polarity is selectable.
  • Nonvolatile program memory protects all programmable features against power loss.


Camera Inputs/Output: 1.0 V p-p, 75 Ohms
VCR Inputs/Output: Composite 1.0 V p-p, 75 Ohms
VCR Inputs/Output: S-video: Luma 1.0 V p-p, 75 Ohms Chroma (burst) 285m V p-p, 75 Ohms
Camera Alarm Input: One input per camera. Activated by contact closure or TTL/CMOS signal. Polarity Selectable.
Alarm Hold Input: +5 to +15 VDC or TTL/CMOS Active High signal.
Alarm Duration: 4 second default. Menu selectable from 2 to 999 seconds.
Alarm Output: Normally open (NO) and normally close (NC) contacts with shared common: 2.0 A at 30 VDC (resistive only) 1.0 A at 125 VAC (resistive only)
Gray Shades: 256 (8 bits)
Full Screen Format (pixels): 512 x 464 (512 x 512 PAL)
Power: 2.1 mm pin-type female. Power Input.
Remote: DB25-S. Remote control via contact closure, TTL/CMOS or RS-232 data.

video monitor, multiplexer, video surveillance equipment

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