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Connects directly to time lapse vcr, event video recorder or any vcr with alarm inputs. Equipped with N/O and N/C terminals.

Using this device, you can trigger an alarm input on a security system, VCR, DVR, etc by motion on a camera. Simply connect the cable from your camera into the video in on the sensor and then connect the video out to whatever device you're recording onto. Then, interface the sensor to your alarm device by connect 2 wires to either the normally open (N/O) or normally closed (N/C) terminals on the sensor and on your alarm device. You're done. Whenever there is motion on on your camera, the alarm circuit will be triggered.

This unit can connect between a single camera and vcr or between a quad and vcr. 4 motion detection sensitivity level settings. 9 VDC operation. AC power supply included.

Now you can convert your old time lapse VCR into a video motion detection VCR. This is a digital unit so it does not have to be treated like a PIR and zero in on one camera. This unit will even monitor all 4 cameras through a quad. Click here for instructions-Video motion sensor.

This item does not work on a normal everyday type of VCR. The VCR must have alarm inputs on the back or front (NC or NO) inputs.

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