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This very nicely designed 5-1/4 inch diagonal black and white monitor will fit into the smallest kitchen, your nightstand, or on your office desk. Carry it outside to your patio, plug it in and watch your baby sleep while you are grilling your favorite dish. The SSC-333T is is a monitor with 2.4GHz 4 channel receiver built in. If you have more than 1 wireless 2.4GHz camera, you can switch between channels simply by pressing the button. It has audio and video capability, and can also plug into your VCR if you choose to record also. Audio is only used with channel 1. The other 3 channels are video only.

This package includes 1 monitor with AC adapter, 1 4- channel transmitter with AC adapter (set to channel 1 with audio jack), You may order up to 3 more transmitters.

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