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Mini Portable DVR System--Great For Long-Term Use

Connect ANY camera to this portable 12 volt DVR to make your own self-contained hidden camera or portable surveillance system. Easily record on motion detection, continuously, or on a schedule.  This DVR supports audio and can easily connect to our SSC-1116 microphone (available separately) for quality video and audio surveillance.

Designed for long-term or short-term surveillance. Our SSC-758 can be powered by any of our rechargeable 12 volts DC batteries for up to 72 hours, depending on which battery and camera you use. This unit can also operate from 120 volts with the included power supply for indefinite 24/7 operation. This product is used by many law enforcement agencies around the country.

This recorder is ideal for above ceiling tiles, warehouses, garages, parks, inside your car, or anywhere long-term, unattended surveillance is required.

The SSC-758 does not include a camera, battery, or microphone. These must be purchased separately.

Only 6 X 4-1/2 X 2-1/4 inches,  the SSC-758 is a COLOR, single-channel, miniature, solid-state, digital video recorder (DVR) that has no moving parts and records both video and audio. It connects via BNC video input jack to your camera.  You can also connect your microphone to the audio input. It has built-in motion detection with VMD masking to reduce false triggers, and records in realtime 30 Frames Per Second (FPS), giving you normal, fluid, recordings.  Recordings are stored on an SD card and are easily downloaded to your computer or viewed on your TV.

Power By Batteries or AC Power

The DVR can be powered by the included AC power supply or batteries (available separately for maximum portability). It can also be powered by any 12V DC power source using the included bare-wire power adapter.

3 Different Ways to Record

  • Motion Detection: Built-in motion detection recording means that it can easily be set to only record when there is motion or activity taking place. 
  • Continuously: You may set it to record continuously if desired.
  • Schedule Record: The third method of recording is scheduled record. The menu will also allow you to select which hours of the day you want to record whether it be continuous, motion activated, not at all or any, combination there of.

Playback Recorded Video on TV or Computer

The DVR can connect directly to your TV's input jacks for playback.  You may also playback recorded video on a computer by simply removing the memory card from the unit and inserting it into a Memory Card Reader (included) connected to a PC. Once transferred to your computer, you can easily archive, email, or upload the recorded video files. This package comes with an 8Gb SD card (included)--larger cards are also available to purchase.

User Adjustable Frame rates and Recording Times

SD Card
Recording time at 30FPS
Recording time at 15FPS  Recording time at 10FPS  Recording time at 5FPS Recording time at 1FPS
32 Hours
 64 Hours
 96 Hours
 192 Hours
960 Hours
 16Gb 64 Hours
128 Hours
192 Hours
 384 Hours
1920 Hours
 32Gb 128 Hours
 256 Hours
 384 Hours
768 Hours
3840 Hours
Units have user-adjustable frame rates. Frame rates mean FPS or frames per second.  The higher the frame rate, the smoother the video, the higher the quality of the video, and the faster the consumption of memory. A lower or slower frame rate means fewer FPS which equates to a longer recording time per Gb of storage.
The unit can also be set to overwrite.  The overwrite option allows the unit to record indefinitely for weeks or months on its own.  Overwriting will automatically record over the oldest footage to maintain a video record of your most recent video surveillance. When something happens, simply pull out the SD card and review your recorded footage.


  • Time/Date Stamp Footage
  • Time Search or Event Search Playback
  • Playback on TV or Computer
  • Records both video and audio
  • Motion detection recording
  • Motion detection masking
  • Motion-detection sensitivity adjustable
  • Multiple-recording schedules
  • Post Record adjustable from 5 to 60 seconds
  • User programmable frame rates from 30FPS to 1 frame every 5 seconds
  • Record at 320 x 240 or 640 X 480 Resolution
  • Records in ASF file format
  • Displays amount of SD Card Used/Unused
  • Operating voltage- 12 volts DC (AC power supply included)
  • Operating Temp. 10F to 130F
  • Optional battery operation for portability
  • Unit can be connected to a cigarette lighter power or one of our 12 volt batteries. (available above)
  • Box is 6 X 4-1/2 X 2-1/4 inches small size
  • No moving parts, completely silent
  • Power consumption: 758 DVR Board - 136ma
  • Power consumption: 758 DVR Board, Optional Bullet Camera when Recording - 285ma
  • Images stored on SD card (8 gig included--larger capacities available above)
  • 32 Gb SD card Max
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Compatible with Windows 98 and newer (including Windows Vista and Windows 7)
  • Mac compatible

Purchase our SSC-512VRB or SSC-812VRB batteries for long-term battery operation, or purchase any camera of your choice for a portable surveillance solution. You may need to purchase a higher capacity SD card to achieve more recording storage capacity.

This DVR is not recommended for body-worn applications unless you have a purse, sportbag or backpack type hidden camera. This digital video recorder can be used indoors as well as outdoors with proper precautions. The plastic case is NOT waterproof. This product is highly regarded by government agencies, law enforcement agencies, and police departments.

Package Includes

SSC-758 Video and Audio DVR
Wireless remote control with batteries
8Gb SD card (larger cards available above)
AC power adapter
Female 3Led Power Adapter
Y Power Splitter To Power DVR and Camera From Single Power Source
USB card reader
Instruction manual.

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