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Mini DVR with Built-in Color Infrared Camera

Dimensions: 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 1"

This DVR does it all. Set it and forget it. It has a built-in rechargeable battery, camera, and DVR. Unit records to itself on SD card. Just place it wherever you wish to observe, and it takes care of the rest. Unit can record either on motion or continuously to an SD card.

The camera can be positioned flat or sideways in order for this hidden camera to be  located just about anywhere.

Power By Battery or AC

You can get 6 hours of operation with the built in removable rechargeable battery. The battery charges inside the unit with the included AC power supply. You may connect one of our larger external batteries for 24+ hours of operation if AC power is not accessible. Or use the included AC power supply to have unlimited 24/7 operation. You may also elect to purchase an extra internal battery which will allow a quick swap out for 12 hours of continuous operation. In addition to all of this, we offer an external battery charger for your added convenience. 

Simple & Easy Hidden Video Surveillance

If you cannot decide what hidden camera is best for you, then this is the one. A very boring unobtrusive black square. Set it on a bookshelf, by your DVDs and stereo equipment, or up on a shelf.  This premium DVR hidden camera will automatically begin to record after included SD card is inserted and power is connected.

Recording can also be controlled via the included IR remote control. Efficient motion-activated recording records video only when there is activity in front of the camera. A DVR and a high-resolution color camera are all built right inside. Because this unit is self contained and records to itself, there is nothing else to buy.

Built in invisible infrared illuminators mean that you will get a great picture during the day or during the night. The LEDs are 940nm and cannot be seen with the human eye.

Recorded footage can be played back directly to a TV with included cable. You may also remove the SD card and connect it to your computer using the included USB card reader. A computer is not necessary to use this hidden camera. However, a computer will greatly enhance the usage of this product.

High Definition 1280 X 720 Recording

Our state-of-the-art, self-contained cameras can now record in high definition. You can record in 1280 X 720 resolution also known as 720P.  You can also select  720 X 480 D1 recording or 320 X 240 standard resolution. The new higher quality recording allows you to have a much sharper picture when playing back footage full screen on your computer monitor or television set.

High-definition recording is unrivaled in quality. It doesn't get any better than this.

3 Different Ways to Record

  • Motion Detection: Built-in motion detection recording means that it can easily be set to only record when there is motion or activity taking place. 
  • Continuously: You may also set it to record continuously if desired.
  • Schedule Record: The third method of recording is scheduled record. The menu will also allow you to select which hours of the day you want to record whether it be continuous, motion activated, or not at all. 
In addition you may also select the overwrite feature in the menu, which will overwrite the oldest footage when the SD card is full so there is never any downtime. All recordings are time date stamped and stored to hidden SD card.  Unit will accept up to a 32Gb SD card.

Playback Recorded Video on TV or Computer

Video recorded can easily be played back on a TV or on a computer.  Recordings can easily be transferred to your computer and emailed to the authorities, uploaded to a website, and more.  All hardware and software needed for both TV and computer viewing are included.

Approx. User-Adjustable Frame Rates and Recording Times

SD Card
Recording time at 30fps
Recording time at 15fps  Recording time at 10fps  Recording time at 5fps Recording time at 1fps
32 Hours
 64 Hours
 96 Hours
 192 Hours
960 Hours
 16Gb 64 Hours
128 Hours
192 Hours
 384 Hours
1920 Hours
 32Gb 128 Hours
 256 Hours
 384 Hours
768 Hours
3840 Hours

Units have user-adjustable frame rates. Frame rates mean FPS or frames per second.  The higher the frame rate, the smoother the video. The higher the quality of the video the faster the consumption of memory. A lower or slower frame rate and quality setting equates to a longer recording time per Gb of storage.

The unit can also be set to overwrite.  The overwrite option allows the unit to record indefinitely for weeks or months on its own.  Overwriting will automatically record over the oldest footage to maintain a video record of your most recent video surveillance. When something happens, simply pull out the SD card and review your recorded footage.
Print / Download Product Spec Sheet

Product Specifications and Features

Resolution1280 x 720 (720p High definition) @ 30fps, 720 x 480 (D1) @ 30fps, 320 x 240 @ 30fps
CameraSony Super HAD CCD camera540 lines Dual-Mode Camera .05 lux Color, .001 lux B/W
InfraredInvisible 940nm Infrared LEDs for Great Low Light Viewing
Frame RateUser-adjustable frame rates between 1-and 30fps (30FPS real time)
Timedate StampTime & Date Stamp During Playback on Unit
Video FormatMPEG-4
Video Recording ModesContinuous or Motion Activation
Playback Speed1x, 2x, 4x
MacMac compatible (OS 9 and newer)
WindowsWindows Compatible (Windows 98 through and including Vista and Windows 7)
Package IncludesFull-Functioning Self-Contained DVR Hidden Camera
SD card reader for Windows with USB cable and software
AC power supply / battery charger
1 gb SD card
Complete easy to understand instruction book
Video cable
Wireless remote control
Everything you need to plug unit in and start using instantly

Package Includes

Full-Functioning Self-Contained DVR Hidden Camera
SD card reader for Windows with USB cable and software
AC power supply / battery charger
1 gb SD card
Complete easy to understand instruction book
Video cable
Wireless remote control
Everything you need to plug unit in and start using instantly

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