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Complete Hidden Video Surveillance with Nothing Else To Buy

This completely self-contained hidden security camera has everything you need. It can run on AA batteries or AC power and can easily be set to record on motion detection or continuously. Connect it to your TV or DVR for instant playback.

There are 3 different models to choose from. All are identical in features and only differ in their storage capacity. All units offer crystal-clear video recording on motion detection that is time-date stamped for security and can be powered by batteries or by the included AC power supply.

Supports Motion Detection, Schedule, or Continuous Recording

This unit can easily be set to record on motion, continuously, or on a schedule. The scheduling functionality allows recording on motion or continuously on user-defined schedule. For example, you can have it record on motion from 8am-5pm, continuously from 5pm-10pm, and not at all from 10pm-8am, etc.

The unit can be left unattended indefinitely because of the overwrite feature for the memory. When the memory is full, the unit will overwrite over the oldest footage to make room for the new footage.

It Blends in Anywhere

This little beige-looking device simply goes unnoticed anywhere you put it. This unit takes a video clip each time motion is detected. Set it anywhere (not weatherproof) and turn it on for motion-detection recording. There is nothing else like this at this kind of a price. This is a complete video surveillance solution and there is nothing else you need to purchase.

This is an economical way to provide security for your home, office, hotel room, or  business. Simply plug in the unit, turn on the power, and the unit will begin recording automatically.  It can easily be set for motion detection or continuous recording.

Mount the SSC-433CX anywhere with the provided mounting bracket or leave it free standing. It can be powered via the included AC power supply or via 4 AA batteries. Using 4 AA batteries will power the unit roughly for 6 hours. The resolution of the images is adjustable to either 320x240 or 640x480, and there are 3 settings for image quality. The recording frame rate is selectable between 30fps and 12fps. Recordings can be played back on a normal TV or recorded onto a VCR. Whenever the memory fills up, it will either stop, or start recording over the oldest footage, whichever you set it to do. All images captured are time/date stamped.

Easy Video Playback

The Guardian easily connects to your TV or VCR for video playback in less than 1 minute.  The included RCA cables connect the Guardian to your video input jacks (yellow, red, and white on the front of most TVs) on your TV or VCR.

If you would like to view or download the recordings onto your computer, you will also have to purchase the USB Video Downloader listed above under the "Available Accessories".

This unit also includes searchable playback. What this means is that you enter in the start date and time and the stop date and time and it will play back all of the footage that falls within that time period. The playback speed and direction are both adjustable. Play it back at normal speed, double, even quadruple speed forwards or even backwards.

This Guardian unit includes all that you need to start your surveillance in one simple easy-to-use item, camera mount, AC adapter, and user manual.

Print / Download Product Spec Sheet

Product Specifications and Features

Field of View80 degrees
Lux.5 Lux rating
Memory2, 4, or 8Gb Memory Available
Recording TimeUp to 100 Hours recording storage
Dimensions3 3/4" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/4"
Video Resolution640x480 or 320x240 user selectable
Recording Quality3 Recording qualities user selectable
Motion ActivationMotion detection recording with adjustable motion sensitivity
FramerateRecord at 12fps or 30fps, in 640x480 or 320x240 resolution, respectively
Time Date StampYes
Playback SpeedUp to 16X
PlaybackThrough TV
Power4 AA or Included AC power supply
Battery Life4 AA batteries power unit approx 6-8 hours
Power Consumption120ma
MountIncluded mounting bracket
Video StandardNTSC and PAL
Warranty1 Year
Package IncludesThe Guardian Self Contained Hidden DVR
AC Power Supply
Mounting Bracket
Video Cable
User Manual

Package Includes

The Guardian Self Contained Hidden DVR
AC Power Supply
Mounting Bracket
Video Cable
User Manual

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