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Outdoor Weatherproof Transmitter with non weatherproof receiver.

2.4GHz transmitter and receiver are each built into NEMA4 rated weatherproof housings, perfect for outdoor applications. These are  FCC Part 90 and Industry Canada Certified. The Outdoor Commercial Transmitter includes the following: Commercial Grade 2.4GHz Transmitter in NEMA weatherproof housing, 4 channel receiver with 6dB antenna in NEMA weatherproof housing, two 12VDC power supplies and two 25' power cables.
Standard power and video connections to connect to camera. Each camera requires its own transmitter and receiver. If you only have 1 outdoor wireless camera you can connect it directly to your TV or VCR. If you plan to utilize more than 1 wireless outdoor camera then we suggest a quad to connect to your VCR, a DVR Card for your own pc, or a complete computer based surveillance system if you want to view and/or record multiple cameras simultaneously.

The 4 channel receiver is 12 volts DC. Channels are 2.411, 2.434, 2.453, 2.473 and can be changed by the user. The transmitter  comes in either 2.434 or 2.453 and cannot be changed. The outdoor receiver option comes with 30 ft. power video cable to connect to power and TV or VCR.
When ordering the outdoor receiver option, it will replace the indoor receiver. You will receive one receiver.

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Standard Package includes: Weatherproof transmitter, indoor non-weather-proof receiver, power supplies, and cables to connect receiver to VCR or TV.

This is our most powerful transmitter, it comes with a 4 channel 6 dB receiver. The transmitter is only offered in 2 channels due to FCC regulations. The transmitter channels cannot be changed. Only channels 2 and 3. If you order one of these and then decide to order another one later on, please call us to make sure you get the other channel.

100mW RF output
460ma power consumption
Standard Range up to 1 mile line of sight
Transmitter Dimensions: 4” x 4” x 2”
Outdoor Receiver Dimensions: 7" x 7" x 7"
Channel frequency: 2.434 or 2.453 (Only 2 Channels non selectable)
Frequency Stability: +,-250Khz, PPL Freq. Synthesizer
Voltage: 10-13V DC
Video Deviation: 6.3MHz pp
Output: NTSC or PAL 1Vpp
FCC Part 90 and Industry Canada Certified

2.4Ghz 2 Channel Weatherproof Transmitters 3000 ft. LOS

ft. power cable
ft. power video cable

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