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Battery Is Used Only When Motion is Detected SSC-773BW56PIR 

Ultimate system is complete with  DVR, battery, weatherproof case, a battery saving motion sensor and an invisible LED night vision camera. This special motion sensor will turn the unit off and on with motion. This has a huge impact on battery life.  This means you can get up to 1 month battery life depending on the amount of motion. The included 22 amp (22000ma) battery will power this unit for 70 hours when utilizing the included power saving motion detection sensor. If you only have 1 hour of recording per day, the battery will last for almost 2 months before needing charging. 70 hours of use is based on the included invisible night vision camera.

If you have a cabin in the woods, or a pole barn out in the field or something similar where there may not even be any activity for days then this battery will last for months before needing a charge. The included camera has a weatherproof black aluminum and measures only 2-5/8 inch diameter.

Contained inside this rugged weatherproof carrying case is a miniature, solid-state digital video recorder (DVR) and the battery. The solid-state digital video recorder (SSC-758)  operates on 12 volts DC.

Camera Included

The included invisible led camera is the SSC-56W29. It has a very wide angle lens of 2.9mm and it is a black and white camera. If you want to change cameras for a different invisible led camera then you must call us.

Quality Recording

The included DVR records at up to 640x480 (12fps) or 320x240 (30fps).  The recordings are sharp, crisp, and clear.

Smart Motion Activated Recording

Recording is started and stopped via a motion sensor.  This sensor turns all the power off and on. This is why the battery life is so long. There is about a 5 second delay from when motion is sensed to when recording begins. When the sensor sees motion, everything will turn on and it will begin recording. It will continue to record as long as there is motion. When motion stops, it will keep recording and looking for motion for 1 minute. If motion happens again in that minute the unit keeps recording and the process begins again. If no motion is detected in that minute then it will turn off. If motion is sensed right after power down, then it will power right up again in 5 seconds.

All recordings are time-date stamped and stored to an SD card inside the small DVR box. (1-8Gb cards included).  This unit will accept up to a 32Gb SD card.

This DVR package is equipped with a 25 foot power video cable. This allows you to have the surveillance camera up to 25 feet away from the DVR box and batteries. If you require longer cables you must give us a call.

  • Fully weatherproof package
  • Included battery and motion detector allow for up to 1 month of battery life
  • DVR can record at 640x480
  • DVR recording resolution, frame rate and recording quality are all adjustable
  • Includes an invisible led 29mm b/w infrared camera
  • Entire package can operate from included battery or normal household 120 volts with included AC power supply

Easy Operation

When the unit is powered up it will automatically go into the motion-activated record mode. Or, it can be programmed with different preferences via the included remote control. Each hour block can be programmed for motion, continuous, or no recording at all. The remote control enables the user to arm/disarm the event recording process or record events manually. The unit will automatically arm again if power is lost while armed. Recorded information is stored on an SD card.

Playback Video on TV or Computer

The recorded events are easily viewed by simply removing the Memory from the unit and inserting it into a Memory Card Reader connected to a PC. There is also a "video out" jack on the recorder for you to connect directly to a TV if you wish

This unit can also be set to overwrite.  The overwrite option allows the unit to record indefinitely for weeks or months on its own.  Overwriting will automatically record over the oldest footage to maintain a video record of your most recent video surveillance. When something happens, simply pull out the SD card and review your recorded footage.

Keep in mind that no matter what frame rate is used or how much recording takes place, the batteries will last the same amount of time.


  • Real Time Recording and Playback of Video and Audio
  • Fully weatherproof operation
  • Motion detection masking and recording
  • Case Dimensions: 12 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 7 1/2"
  • Operating voltage- 12 volts DC
  • Powered by 1 or 2 (2 batteries included) Rechargeable batteries
  • Power unattended until 160 of actual recording has occurred
  • No moving parts, completely silent
  • User programmable frame rates from 1fps to 30fps
  • Images stored on SD card (32 gig max -1 ea. 8Gb SD cards included)
  • Records up to 640 X 480 at 12FPS
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Schedule recording daily by the hour
  • Compatible with Windows 98 and newer (including Windows Vista)
  • Mac compatible

Package Includes

Weatherproof case
Wireless remote for DVR
Invisible LED Camera
AC power supply
8GB SD card
USB card reader

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