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3003 Upline Detector. While it is useful and necessary, the telephone is the most serious threat to your privacy in existence today. Your phone line can be wiretapped or bugged and the telephone instrument itself can be quickly and easily converted to a very efficient room monitor.

Now you can check your phone line for on-premises series and parallel bugs, as well as wiretaps and hookswitch bypasses.

The SSC-3003 weighs 7 oz. and is furnished in a high impact case that measures 5 3/8" x 2 3/4" x 1 1/8". The unit comes complete with all necessary plugs, cords, adapters, battery and an informative, illustrated instruction manual.

Please note: This unit is not a "magic box" that is connected permanently to a working phone line. It is a test sets that lets you check your on-premises wiring and telephones for eavesdropping devices or taps. In order to do this, you must be able to disconnect your inside wiring from the telephone line coming into your home or business.

Operation of your SSC-3003
To test your phone line, you must have access to the box that your phone line comes to your house in. Normally, this box is on or near the outside of your house. Without access to this hardware, the SSC-3003 will not detect bugs properly. You simply unplug your house phone at the box, and plug in the SSC-3003. You will then either pass or fail the tests. If you pass, you're good to go. If you fail, you must reconnect your house phone, then go to each of the jacks in you house, disconnect the phone if there is one, and run the tests again. Doing this will pinpoint where the tap is.

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