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Outdoor Wireless Infrared Color Camera

Outdoor Weatherproof Camera with Built-in Transmitter

This camera not only has infrared and audio, but it is also wireless. The digital transmitter is built into the camera body. There is no other hardware visible with this camera. Simply plug the camera in for power and plug the included receiver into your TV or DVR for crystal-clear footage during the day or night.  We offer a 25 and 50 ft low-voltage extension cable. This will allow you to have the power supply in a very convenient location.

We recommend only 1 unit per location area. The receivers seem to conflict with each other when more than one unit is connected to the same DVR.

Easy Installation

This camera comes with a mult-position mounting bracket that provides easy installation in any position.   Just put in a few screws and the camera is mounted.  Point it at the area you want to surveil, and connect the included receiver to your TV or DVR. That's it.

Secure Wireless Without Interference 

This camera uses state-of-the-art digital wireless technology.  The camera and receiver are "paired," ensuring that you get a crisp, clear picture no matter what other wireless devices there are.  If your signal gets interference, simply pair them again.  Once they are paired, they will stay paired and keep you with a great locked-in signal. This system chooses from thousands of frequencies, so it is virtually impossible for prying eyes to tap into your camera's wireless signal.  It is the ultimate in security and performance for wireless. This also means you can have up to eight of these wireless cameras around your home or office without any interference from each other as well.

Viewing or Recording Your Video

Connect the included receiver to your TV's video input jack or to your DVR.  Once the receiver is connected using the included cable, you will be able to see and hear exactly what the camera is seeing and hearing. The receiver has 2 video out jacks so you can connect it to 2 different devices if desired. If you do not want audio, don't connect the audio cable--it  does not have to be used.

Specs & Features

  • NTSC Video
  • 1/3" CCD Image Sensor
  • 520 lines resolution
  • 54-inch power cable on Camera
  • 24-Infrared LEDs
  • Built-in audio microphone
  • Built-in wireless transmitter (receiver included)
  • 3.6mm wide angle lens
  • 300-foot line of sight transmission
  • Dual AV out on receiver
  • Internal Sync System
  • 0 Lux with leds on
  • Auto Gain Control
  • Auto Iris
  • .45 Gamma Correction
  • 50 ft. IR Range

Package Includes

  • Wireless Weatherproof Camera
  • Camera Power Supply (12VDC AC)
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Sun shield
  • Digital Receiver
  • Receiver Power Supply (5VDC AC)
  • AV cable

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