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Sprinkler Head Hidden Camera

This a very real looking non-functioning sprinkler head. Great for office, storerooms, warehouses, and anywhere else that you have access to above ceiling. A color CCD camera is built into head of this item. Installation of a sprinkler head camera normally requires you to cut a hole in your ceiling to run the wiring.

Sprinkler head cameras are a great way for surveillance of a business or office.  Sprinkler head hidden cameras do not function as real sprinklers. They only function as covert surveillance cameras.

This camera is available as a bottom view and side view model. The down view SSC-193 will look straight out, meaning if it is on a ceiling it will view straight down, or if on a wall it will look straight out. The Side View SSC-194 will view out at about a 45-degree angle, about half way between the floor and ceiling.

Connect to TV or DVR For Viewing or Recording

This is a hard wired hidden camera. That means there is a cable coming out for the video signal.  This cable must run all the way to your TV or DVR to be able to view or record video (click here for cabling options). If you don't want to use cables, then you want a DVR Hidden Camera that records to itself or a Wireless Hidden Camera that transmits the video wirelessly and doesn't have a video cable.

Package Includes

Sprinkler hidden camera
AC power supply

CHRIS from MADISON, WI 2011-08-23 09:24:56

fast and accurate

Donna from Watertown, NY 2008-08-07 13:15:08

We received our camera very quickly

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