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The"Logger 2" is a powerful vehicle-tracking device that utilizes the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology developed by the Department of Defense. With amazing accuracy, it gathers miles driven on a daily basis, maintains time for billing records and produces comprehensive reports on all travel activities. It's ideal for the busy executive who'd rather spend time growing his or her business or spending time with the family than completing paperwork. Whether you're an independent sales representative, or a concerned parent with a watchful eye on your teenager's late night activity.

The Logger 2 is a logger, it logs data. It is not real time, it does not require cellular service or any other type of service. This unit is weatherproof and is designed to be located outside the vehicle.

Ultra small antenna puck works great inside plastic bumpers.

12 months warranty!

Possible Applications:
Small service and delivery companies, owner operated businesses, people wanting to track mileage for tax deductions, covert tracking, special situations.

Mode of Operation:
High resolution data logger (passive)

Communication Method:
GPS data is stored inside the Logger unit and downloaded to a PC with included serial cable.


  • No monthly fees or cellular service required
  • Variable capture rate from 3 to 30 seconds
  • View route, speed and stops on map as well as reports
  • Works across 100% of the USA, Puerto Rico and Hawaii
  • Easy to use, cigarette lighter adapter included
  • Easy to install, can be hardwired into the vehicle
  • One-time investment for hardware and software
  • Power loss indicated on the report
  • Dimensions: (Logger 1) 2"W x 3.38"L x .98"H; 2.8 oz. --(Logger 2) 8-1/2 x 5 x 2-1/2"


Variable Capture Rate: The memory capacity is dictated by how often data is captured

  • 3 seconds = 8 hours drive time
  • 7 seconds = 18 hrs. drive time
  • 20 seconds = 50 hrs. drive time
  • (Stop time does not register against memory capacity)


  • Low cost
  • Map displayed on laptop can save wages spent searching for customers
  • Significantly less expensive than more advanced passive systems

Data Available:

  • Stop time, stop location, stop duration
  • Street address with block numbers
  • Summary data such as total stops, average stop time, number of stops
  • Mileage Speed is found on maps

Unit comes complete with software CD, serial cable to connect to pc for downloading data.
Logger 2 is battery operated completely self contained inside waterproof case shown above.

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