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Economy GPS Vehicle Tracking Device Tracks Covertly in Realtime

Realtime tracker allows easy covert vehicle tracking anywhere in the world

This GPS vehicle tracking device allows you to easily and covertly track the movements of a vehicle. Simply attach the GPS tracker to the vehicle using the optional, durable, weatherproof, magnetic case. These magnets are extremely powerful, giving you multiple options for where to place the tracker. You then go online to see where that vehicle currently is or to see a log of the locations where it has been. You can use your computer or your Blackberry.  When viewing the locations, you will see an overhead map, street address, time, and more. You will see right on your computer screen where the tracker has been--including the address and time it was there. You can also use your Blackberry to access your GPS information.

Small, Covert, Portable, and Easy to Install

This unit is very light and installs extremely quick. It simply attaches to the vehicle using the powerful magnets on the back of the optional case; it is completely self contained and has no external wires. The antenna is also built in, making this the ultimate in covert vehicle tracking. The 3008 can be put into luggage, glove compartments, purses, and many other small areas. The unit also has a "locate now" function that will always be able to retrieve the location.

12 Days+ of Operation Time Between Charges

Included is a rechargeable battery that powers the tracker for up to 12 days (based on 2 hours of use per day and 2-minute updates). When a vehicle is parked, the tracker goes dormant and virtually has no power consumption. Then, when the vehicle moves again, the tracker wakes up and begins locating again. Most vehicles only spend a few hours a day on the road and even less time moving. This is how we calculate the battery life. You will also be able to view the battery power online when accessing the unit to know if a battery is going dead.

Special Note: There is virtually no battery drain when vehicle is parked; i.e., a car could be parked for a month in a garage and when that car moves the battery will be almost the same charge as when it got parked there.

Operational battery life can also be lengthened by having less updates.  If you know the car is taking a long trip, then go online and program for fewer locations.

Real-time Tracking - See Where It's At Right Now

This is a real-time GPS tracker. It allows you to easily find out where the vehicle is right now and gives a location history as well, to find out where it has been in the past. It is 100% self contained--no external wiring whatsoever. It has very strong magnetic mounts for an easy covert installation.

Access Over the Internet

When viewing locations (both live and logged), positions are overlayed on a map (see screenshot above). This allows you to easily see where the tracker has been and where it is right now. Other information the tracker provides includes timestamp, street address, speed (miles per hour), and more for each and every location saved.

The tracker keeps a log of every location it has ever been to. If you want to view where the tracker was 2 days or 2 months ago, it is at your fingertips. The log never expires--it will always keep a log of every location it has been.

Advanced "Geofencing" technology allows you to set an area of where the tracker is allowed to go.  If it goes outside of the designated area, you will be notified via text message or email.  Geofencing may be turned on or off at any time (user-selectable).

Built-in panic button functionality allows a user to press a button and instantly text or email up to 3 addresses the current location.

Great For Personal or Commercial Use

This tracker is great for both commercial use (as in a fleet of trucks) or personal use. It can easily go from vehicle to vehicle as no permanent installation is required. It operates for up to 10 days (based on 1 hour of use per day) on built-in rechargeable battery (battery and charger included). No wiring or professional installation required. No external antennas. It is completely self-contained. Simply place it in the vehicle you want to track and you are ready to go.

Works Anywhere In The World

This GPS vehicle tracking device will work anywhere in the world.  Contact us for international plans and pricing. The rates advertised on this page are for USA tracking only.  The prices will vary in other countries.

Setup Instructions and Fees for USA Usage. For Canada add 10.00 on monthly plans. Activation Fee is the same as U.S.

  • Purchase unit
  • Once delivered, go to tracking website and pay one time $59.95 activation fee
  • Pick Your Monthly Plan--Minute Rating is how often the Tracker will update its position. The lesser the minutes, the more often it will update its position. For example, the 2-minute plans sends locations every 2 minutes.
    ALL plans offer 100% UNLIMITED tracking with NO Hidden Charges.
    • 2-Minute Updates $33.95/Month
    • 1-Minute Updates $35.95/Month
    • 30-Second  Updates $39.95/Month
    • 15-Second  Updates $49.95/Month
    • 5-Second  Updates $69.95/Month
    • 3 month initial requirement. After 3 months you can cancel any time and only be charged for duration of current month.
  • Easily activate your account online. Accounts are activated within a few hours of submission.
  • Begin tracking!
Print / Download Product Spec Sheet

Product Specifications and Features

CorrelatorsOver 2 million
Motion sensorInternal Motion Sensor
FrequencyQuad Band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
AntennaInternal Antennas
Time between chargesTracks up to 2 weeks between charges
BatteryInternal 1.3 Amp Hour Rechargeable
Dimensions2.3" x 1.5" x .75"
Package IncludesSSC-3008 GPS vehicle tracking device
Rechargeable battery
AC Battery charger plugs into wall
Activation paperwork

Package Includes

SSC-3008 GPS vehicle tracking device
Rechargeable battery
AC Battery charger plugs into wall
Activation paperwork

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