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Geovision GV1000 series can deliver up to 480 frames per second (FPS) total viewing rate for NTSC, 400 FPS in PAL. It can also provide up to 16 channels audio recording. This means that the 8-channel DVR card can be 30 FPS per camera and the 16-channel DVR card can also be 30 FPS per camera. All the 1000 series will deliver real-time viewing (30FPS). You can save on cost by reducing the recording rate. The part numbers are quite evident as to what they do. The shopping cart will make it very clear as to the specifications of each product.

Detailed specifications on GV1000 are listed below. Software features are all the same for all Geovision products.

Model GV-1120 GV-1240 GV-1480
Video Input 8,16 8,16 16
TV output 1
Recording rate



TV output

Input Type
1 PCI Slot: DVI x2 (one for 16 video, one for 16 audio)
2PCI slots: DB15x2 (for video); DB9x2 (extension card for audio)
Video Compression GeoMPEG4, GeoMPEG4(ASP), GeoH264, GeoH264 V2
Compression Rate Variable, 300:1 Maximum
Recording Resolution Full D1 (720x480), Half D1 (360x240), CIF (352x240)
Video Signal type NTSC, PAL
Networking TCP/IP, LAN, WAN, Internet, Modem Dial-up, Modem-to-modem, ISDN
Backup Device HDD, NAS, CD-R/R-W, DVD, DVD-R, ZIP, JAZ
Operating System Windows2000, WindowsXP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Input Type DVI: DVI x2 (one for 16 video, one for 16 audio)
D-Type: DB15x2 (for video); DB9x2 (extension card for audio)
Video Input(s) 16 Cams for GV1480, GV1240-16 and GV1120-16
8 Cams for GV1240-8 and GV1120-8
Audio Input(s) 16 inputs for GV1480, GV1240-16 and GV1120-16
8 inputs for GV1240-8 and GV1120-8
TV Output RCA Connector x 1
Recording Rate
@ 320x240 resolution
480FPS(NTSC), 400FPS(PAL) for GV-1480
240FPS(NTSC), 200FPS(PAL) for GV-1240
120FPS(NTSC), 100FPS(PAL) for GV-1120
Display Rate
@ 320x240 resolution
Video resolution Full D1, Half D1, CIF
GV-Net/IO card support Yes
GV-Hybrid DVR card support Yes
Dimensions DVI: 165(W) x 95(H)mm
D-Type: 170(W) x 95(H)mm
D-Type PCI express: 212(W) x 99(H)mm

Minimum System Recommendations
OS Support Win XP, 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista
CPU GV-1480: Pentium 4-3.0GHz with Hyper-threading or above
GV-1240: Pentium 4-2.6GHz with Hyper-threading or above
GV-1120: Pentium 4-2.4GHz with Hyper-threading or above
RAM 2x512MB dual channel
HDD GV 1480: 250 GB or above
GV 1240: 120 GB or above
GV 1120: 80 GB or above
VGA Card ATI Radeon 9550 or above
NVidia 6200 or above
DirectX 9.0 or Above

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