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Remote Surveillance over the Internet or Network

Professional DVRs Overview

Law Enforcement-Grade, Real-Time Audio and Video Recording and Viewing Up To 64 cameras. Audio and video sync is within 1/2 second. Watermarked, encrypted footage will not play on Window Media player and footage cannot be converted to MPEG for altering. These DVRs have their own proprietary media player software (included).

The 16 and 24 camera DVRs are equipped with a 1 Terabyle hard drive. The 32, 48, and 64 camera models have a 2 terabyte hard drive.

The max hard drive storage is 6 terabytes. This means using 3 of the 2-terabyte  hard drives.

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Remote Surveillance Over the Internet or Network. Digital Video Recorders Complete with Windows XP Pro

Using the Advance Enterprise DVR, you can view and control up to 48 local cameras. These are the top-of-the-line DVRs on the market today. They have everything you would expect from a DVR and more. Viewing, recording, motion detection, viewing remotely over the internet, etc.--all the functions you expect in a DVR. These DVRs also have the amazing functionality of connecting to up to 112 cameras at 16 different locations. Using the remote software, you can connect to up to 16 different sites simultaneously. If you have multiple stores, branches, offices, etc., then this is the DVR for you. View up to 16 sites' cameras from your laptop while you're on the road.

This is the most advanced DVR we offer. It does everything our other DVRs do and more. Advanced user privileges allow you to control who can do what. Advanced motion-detection masking and adjustments make it possible to greatly decrease the number of false triggers based on motion. Mask out an active area (like a tree that blows in the wind) so the area does not trigger motion. Advanced schedules allow you to control when and how each camera records individually.


  • View and Record up to 64 cameras simultaneously in Real Time (30FPS per camera)
  • Records up to 48 audio channels as well
  • Audio and video synchronization within 1/2 second
  • Playback video at full screen in crystal-clear clarity using the latest H.264 compression
  • Encrypted recorded time and date stamped footage can remain encrypted and use special encrypted media player for transfer or download.
  • Encrypted footage can also be converted to AVI file by administrator for easy access. When downloading footage to DVD, media player is also downloaded.
  • Smart search feature allows ultra fast playback searching for a single incident
  • Remote Recording allows recording to off- location computer
  • Emergency Record button. Enables instant remote recording
  • Virtual keyboard (allows full control of the system without the keyboard)
  • Can operate all functions of DVR from remote site including viewing archives
  • Can view several DVRs on LAN from remote site at same time up to 48 cameras total
  • System is password protected
  • PTZ camera supports all major Protocols
  • Supports web remote viewing (logging onto IP address to view cameras from anywhere on Internet)
  • Supports remote viewing from full functional client (allows full DVR control from remote site)
  • Motion-detection, round-the-clock, or scheduled recording mode
  • Send alarm/message to monitoring units or communication devices when it detects intruder
  • Supports any number of users with unique privileges in the system


  • O/S Windows 7 Professional
  • System CPU Intel Dual Core
  • Memory 16,24,32,48 Cam -> 2 gb
  • 4 hard drive bays
  • Recording Speed 120, 240, 360, 480, 720, 960, 1440 fps
  • Real-time on all cameras for video and audio
  • Compression Format H.264
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom Supports major manufacturer's cameras
  • Compression Adjustable on all cameras
  • Pre/post motion 4 frames pre to 500 post
  • Resolution Adjustable on all cameras
  • Sensor Input 2 or 4
  • Relay Output 2 or 4
  • Networking LAN, WAN, PSTN, ISDN
  • Keyboard Standard or Virtual
  • Watchdog System will reboot if software has an error
  • Misc DVDRW and LAN
  • Video Playback Encrypted Media Player will download to DVD or CD
  • Video/Image Resolution 352 x 240 or 704 x 480
  • Rack mount unit
  • Backup Utility
  • Lockable door on DVR, so no one tampers with settings
  • Adjust each camera's settings individually; i.e., frame rate, brightness, contrast, motion sensitivity, motion-detection area, etc.
    Image authentication utililty
  • Microsoft Windows required for remote viewing

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